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Hands On Product Reviews September 2017

Issue 9 and Volume 42.

Tourniquet Torque

Tourniquets save lives. We know this all too well from military and recent civilian use of the high-quality commercial tourniquets now on the market. Training in the use of these devices typically needs to be modified from actual application because a properly applied and correctly tightened tourniquet hurts—a lot.

The new HapMed Tourniquet Trainer from Chi Systems replicates a heavily traumatized leg with an above-knee amputation. A series of LED lights simulate blood flow making for a no-mess setup. Sensors inside the leg read the pressure exerted by the tourniquet and display information about placement, pressure and time on an easily viewable screen or mobile app. As the pressure is increased and bleeding slows, the LED lights dim to provide immediate feedback to the student. There are seven preprogrammed scenarios featuring different bleeding rates and pressure requirements.


Price: Call for price

Prompted & Stocked First Response

As EMS providers, we’re trained to respond, equipped to respond, and we practice how to respond. Citizen first responders often don’t have our level of training, equipment or experience. The new Comprehensive Rescue System from Mobilize Rescue Systems allows even untrained civilian bystanders to save a life in an emergency.

The Comprehensive Rescue System contains high-quality first aid supplies and a tablet-based computerized prompting system that’s both intuitive and robust. The tablet starts when the case is opened and prompts the user to put on gloves and answer a series of yes-no questions to determine the type of injury or illness. The bystander is directed to the easy-to-find equipment and short videos to assist them.


Dimensions: 18.7″ x 14.8″ x 7″
Weight: 15 lbs.
Price: $2,250.00

Safety at the Ready

EMS can be a dangerous profession. Although shootings occur rarely they are on the rise, and protection is a concern not only for providers but also our families. There are many questions surrounding body armor use in EMS. Should it be worn?

Is it issued to each employee or to each vehicle seating position? Is it required to be worn? How many sizes do you purchase for each seat? The new Fire 1 Universal Fire Carrier from Covert Armor offers employers the ability to issue body armor which can be quickly and easily sized for each individual responder. The carriers can be matched to many uniform and turnout gear colors and a variety of ballistic panel configurations are available from soft panels to rigid ballistic ceramic plates.


Dimensions: 18.7″ x 14.8″ x 7″
Weight: 15 lbs.
Price: $2,250.00


Size: One size fits all
Colors: Black, navy, yellow, red, tan
Price: Call for price


Be Safe & Be Seen

When we’re working a motor vehicle crash, we think about traffic safety. We use vehicle warning lights, scene lights, vehicle positioning and NIOSH-approved vests, along with police and fire personnel to help keep the scene safe from other vehicles. But what about the medical call on a busy street? How quickly can you increase your personal visibility on a dark scene?

The new Body Beacon from Rescue Leaders is a compact, rechargeable LED light that’s designed to be worn with specially designed belt keepers or simply clipped to your belt. The Body Beacon is switchable from flashing to steady and you can use the different colors to specify jobs on scene. It can also be attached to gear bags, stretchers and other equipment to increase overall visibility.


Dimensions: 11/2″ x 13/4″ x 2″
Colors: Red/white, red/blue, green/white, blue/white, amber/white, red, blue, amber
Power: USB rechargeable
Price: $39.95

Cool Rx

Pharmaceuticals should usually be kept within a narrow room temperature range of 68–77 degrees F. In EMS, we often have temperature extremes which fall outside of these parameters, and we have certain medications that must be kept refrigerated to assure efficacy and maximize shelf life. Installing a standard refrigerator on an ambulance or other EMS vehicle can be difficult due to power and size requirements.

The new Medical Grade Petite Fridge II from Health Care Logistics is a compact, solid state device which works with your vehicle’s 12V electrical system to maintain medication at a set temperature range. Highly insulated and secure with touchscreen operation and password protected locking mechanism.

The 2.4″ color display also provides temperature and alarm display, alerting you as needed regarding temperature range, door ajar, no power, low battery and memory full.


Dimensions:15″ x 12 1/8″ x 5 1/4″
Power: 12V DC
Price: $865.00

Comfortable & Functional Pants

EMTs and paramedics carry a lot of gear, and many of us wear cargo or tactical pants and use the many pockets to hold things like gloves, shears, penlights and more. But how often do we end up still fishing around in the pockets to dig out the gear we need?

The TenX EMT Pant from Blauer were designed specifically for use in EMS, with EMT-designed side cargo pockets that are raised toward the hip, making it easy to remove a stethoscope even while kneeling. Additional pockets secure other commonly used items, like trauma shears and gloves. The athletic fit, water-resistant finish and self-adjusting TunnelFlex waistband with silicone shirt grip make these pants perfect for mobility, durability style and function.


Color: Dark navy
Waist sizes: 28–54
Length sizes: 30–36
Price: $59.99–$71.99