Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, would’ve been the 81st birthday of JEMS founding publisher James O. (“Jim”) Page. 

I had the pleasure of knowing and working under Jim for many years, a privilege and honor that I dn’t take lightly. He was the brightest, most considerate and dedicated mentor and friend that anyone could ever wish to know and work under. 

His son, Tom Page, published this poignant tribute (below) to his dad on Facebook in his honor. We publish Tom’s wonderful comments here for you and present a link to a special supplement to JEMS that we developed after his untimely death to ensure that emergency providers knew his legacy. 

Today would’ve been my father’s 81st Birthday. Jim Page was a great guy on a big mission and we miss him a lot. 

Here’s the portrait I shot of him for the Journal of Emergency Medical Service (JEMS). We shot it in the back of Rescue 11, his restored rig, identical to the 1950’s era truck he started his career in, (except this truck has a big block Chevy power-plant, power steering and icy AC).

He was an original firefighter/rescuer, a role that would evolve into what we all now know as Paramedic.

A force to be reckoned with, he leveraged his high school education, a few semesters of community college and a law degree into becoming a Fire Chief, Founding Publisher of JEMS, Author and one of the most influential men in Pre-Hospital Care, what we all understand as Emergency Medical Service or 911. 

Love you and miss you Pops!