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New App Makes Cardiac-Arrest Charting Easier Than Ever

PORTLAND, Ore. – Introducing the first ever cardiac-arrest charting app built by and for EMS professionals: Code-One! Combining the critical features EMS providers require with an extraordinarily easy-to-use interface, Code-One empowers every user to run and chart even the most chaotic of prehospital cardiac calls without missing a beat. And now, for a limited time, Code-One is available for FREE!

Founded by a former paramedic, Code-One was designed from the ground up to be the world’s easiest-to-use cardiac-charting app, boasting essential features such as:

– Crystal-clear visual cues that ensure critical treatments are delivered on time for the highest level of patient care.
– Color-coded buttons that make documenting interventions a snap for any-level EMS provider.
– Timeline-based code summaries that automatically generate from logged interventions.
CPR and ventilation metronomes that make perfect compression to ventilation ratios a breeze.
– Responsive metronome frequency that adjusts when an advanced airway is logged.
– Full compliance with the 2015 American Heart Association ACLS algorithms.
– And many other valuable features!

This must-have new app is currently in development, soon to be released as a subscription service for $5/mo. But, for a limited time, Code-One is offering the first 500 email subscribers a FREE month upon launch of the service. EMTs, paramedics, and EMS professionals interested in taking advantage of this offer should visit for more information and to sign up!