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Hands On Product Reviews August 2017

Issue 8 and Volume 42.

Electric Lift Assist

Patients are getting larger. As a result, EMS agencies have established bariatric response units with specific protocols to minimize injuries to providers and several products specifically designed for bariatric lifting have been invented. The latest is specifically designed to get a large patient off of the floor with a minimum amount of physical manipulation. The new Human Floor Lift 550-E from IndeeLift is a compact, portable, battery-powered device which is designed to be slid underneath a patient and lift the patient to a seated position. The patient can then ambulate on their own or be transferred to a wheelchair or stretcher. The Human Floor Lift collapses for storage inside of an ambulance or fire apparatus compartment and also doubles as a dolly for equipment transport.

Dimensions: 12″ x 22″ x 35″ (stowed)
Weight: 79 lbs.
Lift Capacity: 850 lbs.
Power: 24V lithium ion battery
Price: $4,950.00

SALAD Cleanup

There are certain terms you’d rather not use while documenting an intubation attempt: “Difficult airway,” “copious amounts of vomitus” and “100-plus cc of suctioned material,” to name just a few. Training for these difficult and messy airways requires a special manikin designed for easy setup and cleanup. The new Life/form SALAD Simulator from Nasco is specifically designed to train you with the suction-assisted laryngoscopy and airway decontamination intubation technique. Incorporating a one-gallon reservoir of simulated vomit delivered directly into the airway with a simple hand pump, the Life/form SALAD Simulator will make any airway into an active mess.

Price: $1,300.00

Rapid Pediatric Intraosseous Access

It’s well-known that EMS providers have increased anxiety when treating critically ill or injured pediatric patients. One area that remains a concern is the difficulty in quickly obtaining vascular access. Paramedics are very good at starting even the most difficult IVs in adult patients, but we don’t usually have much practice starting them in kids. When children are sick they often need rapid vascular access to deliver a lifesaving fluid bolus. The new Pediatric NIO from Persys Medical is an impact-driven, disposable intraosseous (IO) device that can establish vascular access in less than 10 seconds. You simply open the sterile package, identify the appropriate landmark, rotate the handle ¼ turn to release the safety, place the device on the landmark and deploy the needle. Once the needle is inserted you flush to assure placement and secure the site.

Weight: 3.5 oz.
Price: Call for price

Potent Portable

In EMS, we usually like short scene times. If we have to break out scene lights you know it’s going to be a long shift. When you need a scene light you want one that’s bright, lightweight and has a long run time. The new Portable Scene Light from Streamlight addresses all of these concerns and then some. At its brightest setting, its 5,300 lumens will throw the beam almost one quarter of a mile. The middle setting of 2,500 lumens sends the beam out over 300 yards and the lowest setting of 1,300 lumens still reaches over 200 yards. At 25 lbs., the Portable Scene Light can be carried to the most remote scene. You can extend the light module up to 72 inches, deploy the stabilizing legs and have a solid light platform in winds up to 40 mph. Run times of 4, 9 and 18 hours give you plenty of time for even the most extended scene times.

Length: 22″
Weight: 25 lbs.
Price: $632.00

Modular Bag Organization

By its very nature, EMS brings order to chaos. Our vehicles and kits are all organized to support providing rapid, efficient patient care. The new line of EMS Bags from First Tactical were designed using feedback from first responders. The first thing you notice about the large jump bag (ALS) and medium jump bag (BLS) is the angled flash of color highlighting the clamshell-style opening, which allows the bag to fully open for easy access. The comfortable aluminum handle doesn’t dig into your hand. Two oversized metal hooks allow you to hang the bag from a stretcher and then quickly stow them in pockets on the ends of the bag. The shoulder strap has high-friction contact points to prevent sliding, with four adjustable attachment points. The easy-to-clean Velcro interior allows you to configure the kit to your own liking. There are various sizes of pouches and five color-coded specialty organizer kits. The green oxygen kit holds a size D cylinder and can be attached to the top of the jump bag. The blue airway kit holds a full complement of both BLS and ALS airway adjuncts. The red IV kit can organize multiple bags of fluid, catheters, tape and other supplies. A yellow medication kit has pockets for prefilled syringes and a pick-your-own-foam for vials and ampules. The orange trauma kit has a variety of pockets and elastic bands for storing gauze pads, kling wrap and tourniquets.

Dimensions: 22″ x 12″ x 12″ (large);
22″ x 10″ x 10″ (medium)
Colors: Yellow or red (jump bags)
Price: $199.99 (large); $179.99 (medium)