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Excellance Finishes New Mobile Stroke Unit Packed With All of the Latest Medical Technology to Diagnose and Treat Strokes

Excellance has delivered a new Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) to Indiana University Health. These units are best-in-class for saving lives, preserving brain function, reducing post-hospitalization costs, and cutting alarm-to-therapy decision time by half.

Indiana University Health Neurology and Neurosurgery features the latest and greatest in the world of healthcare, adding another tool to their stewardship in the world of neurological care and live-saving treatments. The latest in medical technology, the MSU features an onboard mobile CT scanner, lab, and telemedicine unit, allowing the doctor to interface with the unit and patient in real time. These features can minimize or even completely eliminate the permanent damage from strokes.

Doctors interacting with the patient can quickly diagnose the type of stroke, and determine if clot busting medicine tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) should be administered. 80% of strokes are ischemic strokes, the outcome of which can be often be vastly improved witch quick treatment of TPA.

Standard treatment in traditional ambulances attempts to stabilize a stroke patient on the way to the hospital, but this method has become antiquated with new options. Essential, critical time is lost via transit, and the patient still has to have a CT scan upon arriving at the hospital.

The MSU is responsible for saving patients that would otherwise have suffered permanent physical or mental damage, and Excellance is proud to be on the forefront of modern medical technology, saving lives and ensuring the best possible treatment and care.

Exellance is extremely proud to be providing these vehicles to Indiana University Health, a leader in advanced neurological care. For more information on the MSU, visit