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2017 ECHO Annual Conference Selects 13 Members For Future Flight Crew Program

In 2016, East Coast Helicopter Operations (E.C.H.O.) decided to start doing their part in shaping the future of public service aviation. The idea was to start a mentoring program for motivated, qualified individuals who had an interest in taking the next step in their career. Taking to the air is often seen as a long-term career goal for many paramedics and nurses. There are usually an overwhelming number of applicants for these positions. For the Future Flight Crew program, the goal is simple: take the best candidates and give them the tools they need to be successful in starting their career in helicopter based critical care transport.

At present, the Future Flight Crew program welcomes between twenty to thirty members spread across two conferences. While the majority of applicants are experienced paramedics and nurses, the program is also open to military medics, law enforcement officers, and search and rescue technicians seeking aviation positions. In order to be awarded a spot in the program, there is a brief application process. Applications have come in from all over the world including Scotland and Jamaica. Matthew Adams, a Critical Care Paramedic at Duke Life Flight, is the Future Flight Crew Director at East Coast Helicopter Operations. For him, it’s not so much the resume or years experience that stands out when reviewing applications, rather, it is positive attitude and motivation. Per Adams, “Just like prehospital medicine, we can teach you the skills needed for the role. A motivated individual with the right attitude will go to the ends of the earth to succeed. Those are the people we want in our program.”

Members of the Future Flight Crew program participate in a pre-conference workshop, crew resource management training, and panel discussions with managers and active members of top flight programs from around the country, who serve as mentors throughout the program. Representatives from Air Methods, Boston Med Flight, and DHART were all represented in the panel discussion at the 2017 Critical Care Conference in Boston. In addition to this targeted training, members of the Future Flight Crew program also get access to the general conference which includes networking and educational opportunities from experts in the field of critical care transport.

In October 2017, E.C.H.O. will welcome 13 new members to the Future Flight Crew program. The 2017 Annual Conference will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, generously hosted by JeffSTAT Critical Care Transport. Program registration is currently open for HEMS, law enforcement aviation, and military medical professionals.