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Highlights From the 2017 ZOLL Summit in Denver, Coloroado

JEMS Senior Editor Sarah Ferguson attended the ZOLL Summit on May 16 and 17 in Denver, Colo. The ZOLL summit hosts hundreds of professionals in the Fire and EMS fields and provides a wide variety of keynotes, talks and breakout sessions for those in the industry. 

In the exhibitors’ room, ZOLL had all their products on display in an interactive area where people could get their questions asked, their problems solved, and see demonstrations and previews of new and developing tools and products.

Each day at the ZOLL Summit provided an incredible variety of sessions aimed at Safety, Patient Care and Clinical Operations, Dispatch/Comm Center, Thought Leadership, Billing and Resource Management, IT and Fire Management.  Below are a few highlights from a few of the sessions that were attended by JEMS:

Tuesday May 16, 2017

On Tuesday afternoon, Will Dunn, clinical manager at Eagle County Paramedics spoke about preparing organizations for Active Shooter events.  Will spent some time defining what an active shooter event is, provided helpful data based on a DOJ report that covered active shooter incidents from 2000 – 2013, before walking through the evolution of active shooter incidents.  Will outlined five key things that organizations need to do to prepare themselves for an Active Shooter event. 

We listened to Lane Kilpatrick, Quality Improvement Manager for Community Ambulance in Georgia talk about quality improvement and how his organization embraced QI and made data-driven performance improvements.  He offered the group several tips for how to utilize QI technology and leverage data to create an even better organization and even more engaged employees.

Tuesday afternoon concluded with a discussion about safety, facilitated by Mike Mckevitt, ZOLL Senior Product Manager and Ryan Schwerman, ZOLL Product Owner.  The session allowed participants to share their departments’ challenges, successes and best practices around safety issues.

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Wednesday began with an incredible keynote from Michael Bosse, Deputy Superintendent (Retired) for Boston EMS.  Michael discussed his experience responding to the 2013 bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon finish line.  Through photos, videos, recordings and his own accounts, he shared with us how his team prepared for and executed on “Boston’s worst day.”  How was his team so well-prepared for such an unforeseen event?  Bosse said, simply: “We train, we train, we train.”

Josh Weiss from 10 to 1 Public Relations provided attendees with several useful ways to allow their agencies to build and maintain positive relationships with their community.

Nathan Jung, EMS Administrator for Galveston EMS in Galveston, TX discussed five reports that can make a major impact for an EMS agency/department.  Nathan outlined the ways that his agency and others are leveraging the data they gather to make their organizations even better.

Though the ZOLL SUMMIT was geared toward Fire and EMS professionals, the conference provided a wide range of informational and interactive sessions that allowed this attendee to walk away feeling like she now knows the hot topics, challenges and successes facing the profession and the industry today.

The 2018 ZOLL Summit will be held May 8-10, 2018 in Denver, CO.  Registration information is available here.