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Editor-in-Chief A.J. Heightman and the JEMS Team Plead for Extra Vigilance During Overdose Responses

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the paramedics and law enforcement officer in Harford County Maryland who were impacted and needed treatment for potential exposure to heroin and fentanyl while responding to a drug overdose call in Abingdon. 

This incident is another important reminder and warning of the contact danger presented by overdoses of fentanyl and opioids. JEMS has been vigilant in reporting to our readers that fentanyl poses a dangerous and potentially deadly threat to all first responders called upon to see, assess and treat patients in the ever-growing opioid epidemic.

Gloves should be worn whenever any overdose is expected or suspected and any powdered substance present should be treated as a potential threat to you and all responders.  The JEMS/PennWell team wants you to watch out for your personal health and safety, always be suspicious, trust your senses and your thoughts when something “raises the hair on your neck” and watch your partner’s back!

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