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Billing a Transport as ALS When ALS Services Weren’t Provided

Did you know? In limited circumstances, Medicare allows services to bill a transport as an ALS transport even though ALS services were not provided, as long as proper documentation is included in the PCR, including:

  • Dispatch protocols
  • Reason for dispatch
  • an ALS assessment

Watch the video to learn more about billing a transport as an ALS transport under these circumstances.


Grant is employed as the Director of Client Performance and Training at Omni EMS Billing in Wichita, Kansas. He has 34 years of prehospital care experience including 24 years as a prehospital administrator. He is a former member of the KEMSA Board and has also served as the treasurer and president of the KEMSA Administrator’s Society. He was certified as an EMT, EMT-I, M.I.C.T. , and T.O. II. Grant has worked in EMS for over 35 years in roles such as an EMT, EMT-I, M.I.C.T., Field Supervisor, Flight Paramedic, Cardiovascular Specialist, Assistant Director, and Director of EMS .Grant is very involved in local, state and national EMS and EMS reimbursement issues. His experience includes EMS budget preparation, Medicare and Medicaid billing issues, and EMS staffing and status management. Grant is a member of the Southcentral Kansas Region III EMS council, Southcentral Kansas Incident Management team, Kansas Major Emergency Response Group (MERGe) and a member of the Kansas EMS Association (KEMSA) and Administrators society.