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Volunteer EMS Agency Triples Volunteer Applications by Going Electronic

Recruiting and hiring licensed EMS providers can be a challenge, especially for volunteer agencies. Paper applications can be a roadblock and discourage applicants.

By leveraging an electronic platform, the largest volunteer agency in the U.S. was able to triple their applicant pool, according to Greg Postlewait, Business Application Specialist at Virginia Beach Department of EMS.



“We’d had the exact same application process for the past 20 years,” Postlewait explained. “So, we built the product, I worked very closely with the licensure team, they were fantastic, they were very receptive and we were all really excited to see this go live. And, the numbers are kind of staggering.”

“We have a better pool of applicants and we have a more energized applicant base. Our numbers are now three times what they were in terms of applicants coming into the system. We would average about 60 to 70 applications – paper applications – submitted per month. We are now at 150 to 180 per month.”

“It’s been just fantastic because now we have that many more people that are in the pipeline. We’re training them, what that’s really going to mean to our community is increasing our capacity for calls for service.”

The electronic platform, ImageTrend License Management™, is primarily a solution to streamline the workflow for EMS certification and license processes. Personnel credentials, training records, agency license and vehicle licenses can all be managed through the solution. Comprehensive reporting tools and a public portal round out the extensive capabilities of this system.