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Beating the Opioid Epidemic by Tracking Opioid and Naloxone Usage

Opioid abuse is on the rise and overdose deaths in the US have increased accordingly. In recent years, the drug naloxone has also increased in usage as a method to prevent overdose death. While this is often administered by EMS providers, it is sometimes provided by bystanders, law enforcement or other first responders.

Because the two (opioid overdose and naloxone administration) are so often interrelated, measuring the latter can be an indication of the former. Awareness is the first step to devising a strategy to combat deaths and even opioid abuse.

The infographic in this article (click to expand) demonstrates the crisis facing our nation. Prompted by these sobering statistics, ImageTrend has developed Active Data Monitoring™ tools in Continuum™ specifically for tracking naloxone usage.

In this recorded webinar, Epidemiologist Morgan Anderson and Dave Zaiman from ImageTrend demonstrate the real-world methods to increase awareness, analyze the factors and initiate a plan to fight opioid abuse in your community.

Click here to see the recorded webinar.