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Hands On Product Reviews February 2017

Issue 2 and Volume 42.

Electric-Powered Response

Providing EMS coverage for large venues is a challenge. Where do you set up an aid station? Where do you stage personnel, ambulances and support vehicles? And often most importantly, how do you move around during the event once the crowd is in place and vehicle traffic is virtually impossible? The new Defender from Trikke is a lightweight, sturdy, transportable option that keeps your head above the crowd. Already popular in law enforcement, the 350-lb. payload of the Defender can carry an EMS provider as well as gear. The 48-volt lithium-ion battery provides enough charge for a range up to 28 miles and powers up hills with a full load without any problem. The Defender can also be folded for storage and will fit in the trunk of most cars. As with all alternative vehicles, operator training should be required to assure safe and efficient operations.

Defender from Trikke

Dimensions: 59.9″ x 51″ x 24″
Weight: 69 lbs. (with battery)
Weight limit: 350 lbs.
Top Speed: 21 mph
Price: $5,300.00
877-487-4553 ext. 201

Save Your Nebulized Medications

Nebulized medications are one of the mainstays in EMS. The advancement of the medicine allows us to treat a wide variety of respiratory complaints with fewer side effects. Considering the first paramedics often only had epinephrine for status asthmaticus, this is a tremendous improvement. But isn’t it frustrating watching the medication mist being lost to the atmosphere during your patient’s expiratory phase? The new Aeroeclipse II Breath Activated Nebulizer (BAN) from Monaghan Medical uses a one-way valve to ensure it only dispenses medication during inhalation. This minimizes waste, extends the administration time of breathing treatments, and provides protection from second-hand aerosols. The Aeroclipse II BAN activates at 15 Lpm and is compatible with a mouthpiece or a mask.

Aeroeclipse II Breath Activated Nebulizer

Dimensions: 4.3″ x 5.3″ x 8.7″
Weight: 4.3 lbs.
Output/runtime: 2,500 lumens (3 hours); 850 lumens (9 hours); 400 lumens (24 hours)
Price: $720.99


Powerful Handheld Scene Light

Many nighttime incidents happen far away from electrical utilities. How do you light a scene, even a small scene, when you can’t plug in to the grid? The new Nomad NOW portable scene light from FoxFury provides an option that can be carried by one person and be working with the push of a button. With three levels of lighting ranging from 400–2,400 lumens, run times of 3–24 hours and the ability to have a 12-degree focused beam or a 120-degree wide area light, the Nomad NOW gives you plenty of options for a very compact light. The Nomad NOW can be hung by the handle, mounted on any magnetic surface or attached to a standard tripod. Waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet, it’s hard to think of a scene where this light won’t come in handy.

 Nomad NOW

Flow rate: 15 Lpm
Price: Call for pricing

More Than a Multi-Tool

Since their debut in the 1980s, folding multi-tools have been popular among EMS providers due to the variety of functions—or maybe because we’re just always losing oxygen wrenches. The new PowerPlay from SOG is the latest entry into the EMS everyday carry market. One of the unique features is the compound leverage technology that provides greater handle travel in relation to plier movement, giving it nearly twice the power of a conventional multi-tool. Other tools include: 1/4″ Hex Bit Driver, three-sided file, awl, bottle opener, can opener, serrated blade, three flat screwdrivers (large, medium and small), needle-nose pliers, Phillips screwdriver, ruler, straight-edge blade, wire crimper, wire cutter, and wood saw. An included hex bit kit allows you to work with several types of fasteners.

PowerPlay from SOG

Tool count: 18
Dimensions: 4″ x 1.5″ x 1″
Weight: 8.2 oz. (tool only);
13 oz. (tool, sheath, and hex bits)
Sheath material: Nylon
Price: $89.00

Self-Contained, Duplex Headset System

Have a need for open communications between crew members while en route to a call, on the scene of a mass casualty incident or at a special event operation? The UltraLITE full duplex, wireless headphone system from Eartec meets these needs without tying up a precious radio channel. There’s no need for FCC licensing, a base station or cumbersome belt packs with these lightweight headsets. Simply turn them on for crystal-clear, open communications between four people. A special master headset connects to three remote units with the press of a button via digital enhanced cordless telecommunications technology. To mute a headset, just swivel the boom mic to the up position. The four headphones can be stored neatly in a compact soft case along with a charger that can charge the eight supplied, easy-to-change lithium-ion batteries.

UltraLITE full duplex, wireless headphone system from Eartec

Package components: 4 UltraLITE headsets, batteries & charger
Price: $600.00

Keep Your Cords Neat

It’s often easy to spot some of the best critical care nurses without even seeing them with a patient. Due to the complex nature of managing a critical patient, ventilator, multiple drips and other technologies, critical care tranport nurses are highly detail-oriented regarding the management of all of the lines, cords, cables and hoses attached to their patients. The new Gear Tie Cordable from Nite Ize features an integrated stretch-loop on one end that lets you manage your cords and cables without having to worry about losing the cable tie. Since it’s made of tough rubber with a flexible wire core, you can also wipe clean any biohazard mess that may occur during a transport.

Gear Tie Cordable from Nite Ize

Length: 3″ and 6″
Colors: Black, neon yellow, neon pink, bright blue
Price: $4.99 (4-pack of 3″; 2-pack of 6″)