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New Orleans EMS receives technical rope rescue equipment

NEW ORLEANS, LA: The New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Foundation (The Foundation) donated two technical rope rescue kits to New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (NOEMS) after receiving a grant from Monsanto Fund.

The $5,000 grant has allowed NOEMS to replace their outdated technical rope rescue gear with state-of-the-art Roco Rescue gear, specifically two main line kits and one safety kit.

According to Cedric Palmisano, the Deputy Chief of Special Operations and Logistics, NOEMS averages at least one technical rope rescue per month. So this donation will allow NOEMS to continue to respond, and safety extricate patients, from some of the most logistically complicated locations including the sewer system, roof tops, and the side of high rise buildings.

Each main line kit It comes with 200ft of 1/2in rope padding, carabiners, directional and hauling pulleys, and other necessary gear for a rescue including the Petzl ID-L which not only allows the operator more control over their descent, but can also be converted to an emergency hauling system if needed. The safety line kit contains the equipment necessary to create a safety belay system.

The New Orleans EMS Foundation is grateful to Monsanto Fund for recognizing the role technical rescue plays in the successful operations of NOEMS.

This year, the Monsanto Fund awarded more than $1.4 million to nonprofit organizations through its site grant initiative to help address essential needs in rural communities. Nonprofit organizations across the U.S. have received more than $7.5 million through this program over the last five years.


New Orleans EMS Foundation: Established following Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans EMS Foundation serves to strengthen the preparedness and responsiveness of New Orleans EMS. With a focus on empowerment, we support the employees of New Orleans EMS by investing in equipment, community outreach, and professional development.

New Orleans EMS: The 140 employees (90 FT, 50 PT) respond to approximately 61,000 calls per year. In addition to providing the highest quality of advanced life support prehospital emergency medical care, employees are trained for a number of other special circumstances including: tactical responses, urban search and rescue, water rescue and dive scenarios, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials responses, and technical rescue and confined space calls.

Monsanto Fund: The Monsanto Fund, the philanthropic arm of the Monsanto Company, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the communities where farmers and Monsanto Company employees live and work. Visit the Monsanto Fund at