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Trilogy Tactical Medicine offering TECC Nationwide

Trilogy’s Tactical Medicine Division has launched a nationwide TECC training program for Fire and EMS agencies. Building on the success of Trilogy’s Law Enforcement Street Survival & Tactical Medicine Instructor program, providing the NAEMT TECC course to coincide with the law enforcement training is the next logical progression. It is Trilogy’s mission to reach as many street personnel as possible to provide this critical training. It reinforces the Hartford Consensus and prepares EMS personnel to work efficiently and safely in an active shooter or similar situation.

Training with tourniquets and hemostatic agents is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Law enforcement officers across the United States are learning the skills necessary to aid in bridging the gap between point of injury and arrival of dedicated EMS assets. It is imperative that those arrive assets have the same level of training and knowledge as their law enforcement counterparts. This is becoming a team effort and will ultimately save many more lives.

All tactical medicine courses are conducted with TOMM, Tactical Operations Medical Mannequin. Developed and manufactured by ITTS it was designed by decorated Air Force PJ Keary Miller to endure the tactics and training of pararescue personnel. TOMM will breathe, bleed, and talk while rescuers are able to perform surgical airway, needle decompression, intravenous therapy, tourniquets, and wound packing. It is versatile and a game changer for providing tactical medicine training.

Trilogy is a NAEMT Authorized Training Center and provides tactical medicine training to law enforcement, pre-hospital, military, and hospital based personnel. Contact Trilogy to HOST a TECC, TCCC or other NAEMT course.