Prompt Ambulance Service Hosts Zombie Apocalypse EMS Training Event

If you happen to be in Northwest Indiana this weekend and are looking to add a training element to your typical Halloween shenanigans, be sure to check out this event hosted by our friends at Prompt Ambulance Service

This unique training event will take place at Amhurst Asylum, a haunted house environment, and will include challenges for EMS, firefighters, law enforcement and social services. Educational lectures will focus on disease outbreak and how first responders can best prepare to stop the spread of infection. Education will also focus on disaster preparedness, including tactical EMS training in a mob scenario. 

After the lecture portion of the training, live action scenarios will enable trainees to put their knowledge to the test. Law enforcement will clear the zombies from the haunted house, while EMS and fire triage patients, treat the wounded and make transport decisions. Social workers will conduct incident briefing, and haz mat will decontaminate the scene. Can they get through the challenge without becoming infected?

Registration for the zombie apocalypse here, and make sure to share photos of the event by emailing them to [email protected]