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Emergency Reporting Announces National NEMSIS 3 Certification

Emergency Reporting is now nationally NEMSIS 3 certified. Emergency Reporting is a leading provider of fire & EMS records management software headquartered in Bellingham, WA. Emergency Reporting is the only cloud-based records management software provider to have an incident reporting system where a single report covers both fire & EMS incidents and is compliant with both NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 standards. This integrated solution gives customers the ability to complete a single report that includes both fire and EMS information.

Emergency Reporting’s 100,000 users will be able to meet their state requirements as they are mandated, and will be upgraded from NEMSIS 2 to NEMSIS 3 as part of their existing service.

“NEMSIS 3 certification is the next step in our progression to providing an ePCR within a fully integrated Fire / EMS package,” says Adrian Mintz, Sr. Director of Software Development at Emergency Reporting. “We always stay on top of the latest requirements in the industry, ensuring communities are safe and EMS agencies are compliant with the most recent federal standards.”

Emergency Reporting’s NEMSIS 3 ePCR product offers:
• High quality security standards in a mobile, cloud-based system
• Integrated, easy-to-use EMS & NFIRS fire reporting
• World-class customer service and support
• Time-saving features

“The NEMSIS 3 EMS Data Standard is the next generation of patient care reporting. It has widespread potential to both improve patient care data as well as provide an improved, streamlined report to assist fire responders,” Mintz said. “Emergency Reporting strives to make all aspects of the first responder’s job as painless and efficient as possible when developing software. This commitment shows in our new ePCR product.”

Emergency Reporting’s NEMSIS 3 solution is integrated, highly affordable, and easy-to-use, with painless data transfer. Emergency Reporting has a long history of successfully migrating customers from their existing solutions in days, not months.

First responders around the world use our secure, cloud-based system – from small volunteer departments to the DoD and NASA.

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About Emergency Reporting
Emergency Reporting is a privately held Washington State corporation specializing in cloud-based records management software solutions for fire/rescue and EMS agencies of all sizes, DoD/military branches worldwide, and large entities with self-contained fire & EMS services like NASA, nuclear power plants, hospitals and oil refineries.

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