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HEMS Documentary Film Announcement

Golden, Colorado-based producer, Terry Breheny, is embarking upon a documentary feature film about the air medical industry. “Medevac, Inc.” will present an examination of Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in the United States. “The HEMS field has been the subject of some bad press in recent years for both its safety record and billing practices,” states Breheny. “This film will strive to provide an objective look at this important aspect of our healthcare system. We’ll outline the history of these programs, the charges leveled by critics, and the viewpoint of the operators and hospitals.”

As a Colorado native, the filmmaker was originally looking to document the history of Denver-based St. Anthony’s Flight for Life program — the first of its kind in the country. However, just weeks after meeting with the president of the hospital foundation, tragedy struck: on July 3, 2015, pilot Patrick Mahany was killed after a widely-reported, fiery crash in Frisco, CO.

“During my research after the Frisco accident,” Breheny continues, “it became clear there was a much bigger, more important story to tell — one that has potential to affect any and all of us. Everyday, selfless men and women put their lives on the line to provide emergency medical air transport for neighbor and stranger alike.” Breheny hopes that by providing an impartial look at the industry—and inviting HEMS operators to respond to their detractors and convey their side of the story—that the ensuing public dialogue will lead to positive change for both crews and patients.

Shooting will commence in September at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) in Charlotte, NC. Current or former HEMS crews (flight and medical), operators, program directors, mechanics, crash survivors or family members of air ambulance casualties are invited to share their perspective. For more information please visit

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