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Hands On Product Reviews August 2016

Issue 8 and Volume 41.

Kevlar Hand Protection

Operating on extrication and technical rescue scenes requires a higher level of personal protective equipment than daily EMS. One of the strongest, most durable fabrics developed in the past 50 years is Kevlar, which is five times stronger than steel. The new X+R Extrication Gloves from Tech Trade have an impressive array of protection, including: flame resistant layer, 50% Kevlar/50% cotton blend inner liner for cut resistance, Kevlar leather palm, and a breathable polyurethane barrier that protects against blood-borne pathogens and keeps your hands dry. A hook-and-loop wrist closure keeps out water and cold weather, and a reinforced carabineer hole lets you keep the gloves attached to a jacket or bag for rapid deployment.

X+R Extrication Gloves from Tech Trade

Sizes: Small-3XL
Color: Black and red
Price: $49.99

A Spyder You’ll Like

What are your everyday carry items-those things that are with you on every shift and often carried off duty as well? Trauma shears? Stethoscope? Flashlight? Multi-tool? Pocket knife? The new Assist Rescue Knife from Spyderco isn’t your typical knife and is specially designed for rescue workers. The blunt-tipped blade is serrated along 80% of its length to quickly cut through seatbelts, rope and other fibrous materials. The distal 20% of the blade is smooth for detailed cutting work, like sharpening a pencil. A large thumb hole makes for fast, easy opening and a detail called a “cobra hood” is positioned over the thumb hole so it’s easy to find, even in a hurry. A carbide-tipped glass breaker can be quickly deployed from the base by squeezing the closed blade against the handle.

Assist Rescue Knife from Spyderco

Length: 8.375″
Blade length: 3.67″
Color: Orange
Weight: 4 oz.
Price: $144.95
800-828-1925 ext. 4

Update Your Classroom

There are certain things in EMS you can depend on: Late calls when you have afterwork plans, becoming busy after anyone mentions how “quiet” it is, the sickest patients being on the highest floor and new Guidelines for CPR, ACLS and PALS from the American Heart Association (AHA) every five years. The new student and instructor materials include updated and reformatted lesson maps, lesson plans, agendas, instructor CD and DVD, equipment lists, case scenario templates, learning station checklists, skills testing checklists, and testing scenarios. Along with the updates to the books, the videos have also been updated. The scenarios in the DVDs are realistic, succinct and maintain student interest. One of the best features of the AHA instructional format is “practice while watching”-the student focuses on mastering the skill shown on the video and the instructor replays the segment as often as needed for the class to have sufficient practice.

new Guidelines for CPR, ACLS and PALS from the American Heart Association (AHA)

Updated courses: BLS, ACLS, PALS, PEARS, Heartsaver First Aid
AHA-approved vendors: Laerdal; Channing-Bete; WorldPoint
Price: Call for price

Upgrade Your Trauma Manikin

Training manikins come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Traditional rescue manikins are heavier, low-fidelity and are used more to practice how to remove patients from difficult situations vs. practicing detailed assessments or complicated treatments. The new series of Trauma Randy Upgrades from Simulaids allows you to take your existing large body Rescue Randy manikin and add trauma modules so you can train to stop the bleeding while working on the extrication and movement of a heavy, full-sized patient. The base module is a chest overlay that comes with four bleeding wounds, one deep bleeding packing wound, three shallow wounds, and one third-degree burn. The complete bleeding system overlay includes ports to support the optional flash moulage arm, leg and head. The external blood management system and foot pump with gravity tank will work with clotting and non-clotting simulated blood products.

Trauma Randy Upgrades from Simulaids

Modules: Arm overlay; leg overlay; head overlay; complete flash moulage overlay
Price: $153.00-$1,020.00

STEMI Alert!

You arrive to find a 53-year-old female sweating profusely and complaining of chest pain that’s an 8 out of 10. You quickly obtain a 12-lead ECG and see ST elevation in leads V1-V3. Now you get out your smartphone, activate the Stop STEMI App from Pulsara, enter some basic data and transmit it to the receiving ED. The ED confirms your suspicion, makes two clicks, and the entire STEMI team is notified. By using your iOS or Android device, you can now alert STEMI (or stroke teams using the Stop Stroke App) with a simple tap. They see all patient information and you get instant outcome feedback as soon as the case is finished. Research is already showing improved door to balloon times. And the best part? It’s 100% free to EMS-hospitals pay for the service.


Stop STEMI App from Pulsara,

OS: iOS; Android
Price: Free (for EMS)

Packing for Three

Plano has a long history in EMS. The flagship 747 model was one of the early standards for ALS med boxes and remains popular due to its low cost, durability and ease of organization. The new Plano 911500, 3-in-1 Medical Backpack expands on that legacy with two specialized packs that have been developed to work together or separately. You can have the full pack or split it into a day pack and a lumber pack. If your wilderness operation requires a lengthy extraction, you can split the load and share the burden. There are 28 total pockets to organize your gear, and you have the option to add a 2- or 3-liter water carrier.

Plano 911500, 3-in-1 Medical Backpack

Weight: 6 lbs. 8 oz.
Pack material: 500 D Nylon
Bottom Material: 1680 DD Nylon
Price: $250.00