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Three Amazing Individuals and Their Teams

The EMS industry is continually becoming more interconnected with other industries. For a long time, the association between EMS and hospitals has been no mystery, but they are becoming even more intertwined with sharing of patient outcomes data, resources or even care provider roles within the healthcare continuum. Emergency resource planners, firefighters and others are also working closely with EMS toward the common goals of improved public safety and wellness.

Starting in 2015, ImageTrend – a software solutions company – started honoring those in EMS and these interconnected industries who were pushing the boundaries through innovation, service and courage on a new frontier within their area of expertise by bestowing a Hooley™ Award on those deserving teams and individuals. In 2016, the tradition continued.

Innovation Award

This award recognizes those using solutions in a new or innovative way to meet the needs of their service, department, state or hospital.

Working closely with ImageTrend and a national licensing registry, Louisiana was one of the first states to fully integrate a robust electronic National Registry check and eLicensing Portal. Former Director Donnie Woodyard built the workflows to encompass an audit process that deters fraudulent applications and ensures each license is 100 percent verified before issuance or renewal. Louisiana’s license issuance time shrank from upwards of 40 days to an average of less than four hours – all while reducing costs and building public trust. The combination of Woodyard’s skills, coupled with ImageTrend’s dynamic and scalable system, have garnered measurable results for Louisiana.

New Frontier Award

This award recognize services, departments, states and hospitals that are going above and beyond the call of duty, and breaking new ground or serving in a humanitarian way.

The Houston Fire Department launched an innovated, technology-based program called ETHAN (Emergency Telehealth And Navigation) which uses advanced telehealth technologies and community-based resources to provide appropriate care in the appropriate setting for individuals who call 911 with low acuity complaints. The project was headed by Dr. Michael Gonzalez, the department’s associate medical director.

After an EMS crew assessment, video conferencing can connect the patient with a physician for additional assessments and determination of appropriate transport or referral to other care. The project has served more than 5,700 patients, avoiding ambulance transport for 82% and saving an estimated five to eight million dollars in 14 months of operation.

Service Award

This award considers how agencies are using data to further the safety of their community or reach community goals, and acknowledges the fact that data is boundless and can be used in any number of ways for the benefit of society.

Using ImageTrend’s reporting and statewide STEMI (ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction) system, the State of Nebraska studied cardiac arrest incidents and mapped them out within the state. After Dr. Don Rice presented the information and the potential impact automated chest compression devices could have in rural areas, the state was awarded with a six million dollar grant to deploy these devices to rural services with limited resources. The result is a lower mortality rate, faster recoveries and fewer cases of heart damage or neurological defect. Using data from ImageTrend’s system, the department has saved countless lives and has been able to apply for grants to help rescue services.                     

Although those who were nominated for Hooley Awards did not do it for recognition, it is important that we continue to acknowledge those who are driving forward public safety and wellness so they may continue to inspire and challenge others.