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Nationally Renowned EMS Medical Director & Author Bryan Bledsoe Joins Allegiance Mobile Health

Georgetown, TX (July 22, 2016)- Allegiance Mobile Health, the largest private Texas-based provider of medical transportation and 9-1-1 emergency services, announced today the hiring of nationally renowned EMS medical director, author, and ER physician Dr. Bryan Bledsoe as its corporate medical director. Reporting directly to Allegiance’s CEO, David Lee, Dr. Bledsoe will be utilizing evidence-based medicine and strategies for benchmarking of multiple clinical indicators to continually improve the Allegiance clinical protocols and continuing education program to ensure the most advanced principles are being used to care for patients in the field.

“With over 40 years’ experience in the EMS industry and emergency medicine, Dr. Bledsoe brings a wealth of experience as he spearheads our continued effort to lead the industry in establishing clinical best practices,” said David Lee, CEO of Allegiance Mobile Health. “He is a known innovator in improving healthcare through evidence-based medicine. The addition of Dr. Bledsoe dramatically accelerates our ability to apply the most modern clinical principles, collect real-time patient data for quality improvement, and deliver the best practices available to the people we serve.”

Dr. Bledsoe will lead Allegiance’s clinical practices, including Mobile Integrated Health initiatives. He will utilize internal and external data sources, such as outcome data from participating hospitals, to look for clinical trends and sentinel indicators to improve patient outcomes and develop continuing education programs. Dr. Bledsoe is respected nationally for his work with major EMS entities that cover large geographic areas. This experience will be essential when working with Allegiance’s regional medical directors across the State of Texas who understand the nuances of care in their regions and ensure each of the constituencies we service are considered as we revise and develop our clinical protocols.

“There is so much opportunity and growth potential for the EMS industry ahead. With the use of modern technologies and techniques, our personnel can continually improve the delivery of patient care,” said Dr. Bledsoe. “As seen in its core values, Allegiance exists for the purpose of doing good and improving the delivery of healthcare to ensure that every patient receives the high-quality, cost-effective, reliable EMS they deserve. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with a company that is so aligned with my desire to continually improve the way EMS delivers patient care in the areas of medical transportation, 911 emergency services, and Mobile Integrated Health.”

Dr. Bledsoe is professor of emergency medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM). In addition, Dr. Bledsoe has authored many EMS text books, including Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice, Paramedic Emergency Care, and Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology.