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Registration Open for 2016 National EMS Safety Summit

Denver, Colorado. July 13th 2016- The National EMS Safety Summit announces that registration is now open. Risk, Injury, accidents and errors account for a significant amount of the operating costs and employee turnover that departments experience. Year after year the National EMS Safety Summit has provided true leadership education with immediately applicable risk reduction strategies for attendees.

EMS is a dangerous profession that exposes employees to injury risks during all facets of the job. Learning how to identify, quantify, track and reduce the exposure to these risks while managing employee behaviors is a challenge for all safety professionals.

This year the National EMS Safety Summit has drawn internationally recognized researcher Dr. Brian McGuire along with Peter Dworsky of MONOC, A.J. Heightman editor-in-chief of JEMS, Lee Varner from the Center for Patient Safety, Bryan Fass from Fit Responder, Thom Dunn, PhD, Paul LeSage and many more.

There are many conferences offering classes on risk and safety but the National EMS Safety Summit is the only 4-day event dedicated solely to risk and safety in EMS.  From hire to retire, root cause analysis to accident investigation the National EMS Safety Summit is a can’t miss event.

Ce’s are offered and there are still a few vendor spots open.

For additional information, agenda and registration visit and click on the National EMS Safety Summit logo, or visit