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OIG: High Part D Spending on Opioids Raises Concerns

This week the Office of Inspector General released a report targeting prescription opioid drug use among Medicare beneficiaries, and the results were more shocking than even those of us in the medical community expected.

In total, Part D spending in 2015 topped out at $137 billion, with wholly $4 billion of that spent on opioid prescriptions alone. This raises concerns not only for those who bill for Medicare services, but also for the patients struggling with opioid addictions and the potential for overdoses, as we report on far too often over on JEMS.com

The OIG was not shy about pointing out that these numbers raise concerns (they included the verbiage right in the headline), but they stop short of making any specific recommendations for providers. Between the concerns over fraud raised by this report, and the healthcare fraud sweep that led to charges against 300 medical providers nationwide, it’s safe to say we should all be dotting our Is and crossing our Ts when it comes to biling for Medicare services.

The link to download the full report is here: