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Hands On Product Reviews June 2016

Issue 6 and Volume 41.

Comfortable, Lightweight Duty Boots

In EMS we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our patients. One of the most basic items that helps us do our job is a comfortable boot that provides support and traction. The new ZigKick Tactical Footwear from Reebok uses a unique zigzag foam midsole designed by Reebok fitness experts to flex like an athletic shoe and absorb heel shock. Coming from an athletic footwear background, break-in time is very short-almost nonexistent. The ZigKick Tactical is available in 8″ and 6″ heights with a side zipper and injected EVA cushion footbed that provides arch support, stability and motion control. Vented airflow zones will also cool your feet with every step.

 ZigKick Tactical Footwear from Reebok


Height: 6″ and 8″; Width: Medium, wide
Sizes: Mens: 6-12, 13, 14 & 15; Womens: 7-12
Color: Black; Price: $148.00

This Pen Is Mightier…

There are two basic camps regarding pen use in EMS. Do you use a nice pen, make sure it doesn’t get lost and clean it after someone else uses it? Or do you use inexpensive, disposable pens that can be quickly replaced? The new line of Tactical Pens from First Responder Central now offers you a third option. Your pen can break a car window to perform a rescue, provide a light to check pupils and perform as a defensive tool (like Kubaton) in case you’re attacked. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a carbide tip that can break glass, reach no further than you shirt pocket when you need assistance.

Tactical Pens from First Responder Central


Length: 6″
Color: Black
LED: 60 lumens
Price: $19.49

One Pack Does It All

Cardiac arrest remains the quintessential call to gauge the success of an EMS system and its personnel. With so many skills to accomplish in a short time frame, organization and efficiency are paramount. StatPack’s G3 BackUp and G3 Cells are designed to organize airway, medicine, IV and universal supplies in a manner that allows for rapid deployment and utilization. The 3,800 cubic inches of the Back Up pack are designed to carry four of the G3 cells or an assortment of StatPack kits and modules (sold separately). This allows you to begin each call with your equipment highly organized and ready for rapid deployment. Additional features include a tarpaulin bottom to resist water and wear, additional reflective striping and attachment points for LED lights to improve visibility and safety.

 StatPack's G3 BackUp


Size: 12″ x 6″ x 6.5″ (airway, medicine);
3″ x 6″ x 12″ (IV); 6.5″ x 6″ x 12″ (universal)
G3 Cells Weight: 0.6-1.5 lbs.
G3 BackUp Weight: 6 lbs.
Volume: 3,800 cubic inches
Colors: Red, blue, green, black
Price: $290.00

A Nose for SpO2 Readings

Pulse oximetry is often considered the fifth vital sign after heart rate, respirations, blood pressure and temperature. In EMS, we sometimes have the problems of poor perfusion, cold extremities and patient motion causing a weak signal and inaccurate readings, but by moving the probe to a more central area we can have a more reliable reading. The new Nasal Alar from Xhale Assurance uses the nasal ala-the fleshy part of the nose adjacent to the opening of the nares that’s rich in vasculature and offers a unique monitoring site for pulse oximetry. Surprisingly comfortable, the Nasal Alar isn’t affected by cold hands and obtains a signal faster than a finger probe following the return of spontaneous circulation during cardiac arrest.

Nasal Alar from Xhale Assurance


Compatibility: Philips FAST, Nellcor
Cable Length: 3′
Price: $20.00

Saving Time & Trouble

Managing cardiac arrest is a hectic orchestration of multiple lifesaving skills that are often performed simultaneously. Having to draw up medication from a vial takes time that could be spent doing other tasks-especially if you’re in a rush to mix it and air is injected through the drug, making it foam up. Nexterone (amiodarone HCl) from Baxter takes the multi-step process of mixing your own drip medication and provides a pre-filled dose that just needs to be spiked and hung. Available in 150 and 360 mg, 100 cc bags, you’ll have to rearrange your drug bag, but you’ll be saving time in place of space.

Nexterone (amiodarone HCl) from Baxter


Dose: 150 mg/100 mL; 360 mg/200 mL
Concentration: 1.5 mg/mL; 1.8 mg/mL
Volume: 100 cc
Price: Call for price

Make It Stick

Trying to make electrodes, tape and dressings stick to a grossly diaphoretic patient can be a challenge. We often end up improvising a solution with tape, cling or some other quick fix. Mastisol Liquid Adhesive from Eloquest is a medical adhesive that’s been used in operating rooms and critical care settings, and should be part of your EMS supply inventory. Packaged in convenient, single-use crushable vials, 2 oz. bottles or 15 mL bottles and sprays, Mastisol is clear, non- staining and has a mild scent. It’s also not water-soluble so it will adhere in the wettest situations.

Mastisol Liquid Adhesive from Eloquest


Sizes: Single-use 2/3 mL vial; 2 oz. bottle; 15 mL bottle; 15 mL spray
Price (wholesale): $93.89 (48 2/3 mL vials); $28.13 (2 oz.); $10.88 (15 mL);
$11.63 (15 mL spray)