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Where in the World of EMS is A.J. Heightman? At the 2016 ZOLL Summit in Denver

JEMS editor-in-chief A.J. Heightman and other JEMS staffers are at the ZOLL Summit in Denver. The annual conference, a mix of high-level ZOLL data user updates and EMS lectures, is being held all week.

Wednesday’s keynote speaker, Matthew Stevens from The Advisory Board, spoke about the state of the healthcare union, the pace of change in healthcare and the need for solid leadership by EMS agencies to manage all of these changes.

Also on Wednesday, A.J. and a distinguished group of EMS visionaries who have the forwrad-thinking to see the big trends and opportunities on the horizon, participated in an executive thought leaders round table to discuss the strategic issues facing the EMS and Fire industries. The group discussed key issues such as EMS reimbursement; data parameters and data needs; the need for data interoperability, particularly among EMS and the various data systems used by hospitals; key issues and innovations in EMS; the current and future state of community paramedicine; healthcare/payment reform and outcomes measures. 

Wednesday night, A.J. joined the attendees for a fun night of gambling (with play money) at Casino Night at the ZOLL Summit.

On Thursday, ZOLL Medical Director Greg Mears and MedStar EMS’ Matt Zavadsky presented a compelling “State of the EMS Union” keynote that focused on where we have been in EMS, where we are going and, more importantly, where we should be going in the future.

A preconference workshop titled “EMS in Peril”, also focused on big changes like payment reform and outcomes measures. The conference concludes on Friday.