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Transport Video: What SAE Compliance means to your crew

Ask any medic and they’ll tell you that their primary focus during transport is on the patient. Are you safe in your ambulance? Having the right medical supplies and equipment secured and within reach in the same place every time is not just a valuable solution, it is essential to your entire EMS team.

Inventory management and a workflow process that is consistent across your entire fleet is not only possible, it’s easily installed and customized as well.

Watch this video to see the first modular vehicle storage solution that’s SAE compliant.


The Ferno iN∫TRAXX™ Integrated Vehicle Component System features wall-mounted tracks on the ambulance walls that use a series of SafeMount equipment mounts to attach modular, interchangeable SafePak supply bags, allowing medics to deliver the full range of patient care while seated and restrained.

Ferno’s SafePak supply bags and SafeMount equipment mounts offer additional benefits:

SAE READINESS: iN∫TRAXX™ tracks, SafeMounts and Safe Paks are 26g rated, ensuring safety for everyone in the vehicle.

IMPROVED ERGONOMICS: Modularity allows supplies and equipment to be placed next to the provider in the delivery of care position, eliminating the need to get up in a moving vehicle to access supplies.

IMPROVED FLEXIBILITY: Supplies and equipment are interchangeable across vehicles and vehicle types.

IMPROVED INFECTION CONTROL: Components are removable and power washable for thorough, easy cleaning and decontamination.

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