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Dr. Marc Eckstein Named Commander of New LAFD EMS Bureau

We are excited to learn that long-time friend and supporter of JEMS and EMS Insider Dr. Marc Eckstein has been named EMS Bureau Commander for the Los Angeles Fire Department. 

The EMS Bureau is a new feature for LAFD, which was announced in a memo to all employees delivered by Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas. “This organization will provide for timely and meaningful EMS training, a robust quality improvement program, continued efficiencies of our dispatch system, and new, innovative methods of providing EMS delivery,” Terrazas said in the announcement.

A PDF of the full announcement is available here:

Dr. Eckstein, who has been the Medical Director of LAFD for more than 20 years, described the move as “an amazing change for LAFD.”

Congratulations Dr. Eckstein, we wish you the best!