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What does it mean to be SAE Compliant?

By now we’ve all heard about the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) ‘recommended practices’ for testing the crash worthiness of litters, or cots (SAE J3027) and ambulance equipment (SAE J3043).  The EMS Industry has always maintained a close eye on crew and transport safety, but with two competing standards and the ability for states to choose or ignore requirements, compliance has been one of this year’s most talked about issues in EMS. 

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Two competing standards have been created as alternatives to KKK-A1822 (often referred to as ‘the Triple-K’). 

For now, your state may choose to reference one of these standards in full or in part, or none at all.  If one is referenced by your state, the SAE requirements will apply, and you will be required to include an SAE compliant cot, fastener, and equipment mounts.  Eventually, a standard will be settled on and enforced.

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