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Hands On Product Reviews May 2016

Issue 5 and Volume 41.

Feature-Packed AED Trainer

Prestan Professional AED Trainer

There are two things that save lives during cardiac arrest: high-quality CPR and rapid defibrillation. AED training often slows CPR classes down due to a limited supply of AED trainer devices. The Prestan Professional AED Trainer offers a number of features usually found on more expensive models. There’s an impressive pad sensing system that allows the AED trainer to determine when the pads are placed on the manikin, followed by an AED voice that prompts users to the next step. This feature works on all manikins without the need for manikin modifications. An instructor can easily change the language, adjust the volume and change or pause the scenario using four buttons positioned on the front of the unit. A remote control and pediatric pads are also available.


Size: 11″ x 8.75″ x 4.5″

Weight: 3.2 lbs.

Power: 4 D batteries

Price: $150.00



Airway & Oxygen in a Hurry!

G3 Breather from StatPacks

Airway, breathing and circulation continue to be top treatment priorities for critically ill patients. Having your airway and oxygen equipment organized for rapid deployment makes treatment initiation much faster. The new G3 Breather from StatPacks is specifically designed to organize your airway and oxygen supplies with new, third-generation features that improve upon the former StatPacks designs. Both size D and Jumbo D cylinders fit in the main compartment or the bottle can be mounted in the removable O2 module (sold separately). The G3 Breather can hold the StatPacks QuickRoll Intubation, Remedy and Circulatory kits. The reflective material is durable and covered by a protective outer mesh that shields it from wear and tear. There’s even a quick-stash pocket on the outside to handle all the trash from the call.


Weight: 4.5 lbs.; Colors: Red, blue, green

Capacity: 2,600 cubic inches; Price: $250.00



LED + USB = Bright Convenience

Emergency Rechargeable Power Bank Lantern

EMS providers work where the patients are. If you’re in a dark, secluded spot, you’ll need light in order to provide treatment. There may even be times when you need a spotlight to search a dark field, or an emergency blinker to warn others of a disabled vehicle. The new Emergency Rechargeable Power Bank Lantern from Dorcy accommodates all of these needs, combining a spotlight with a quarter-mile range, room-filling floodlight and flashing red beacon in one unit. The lantern charges through a USB connector that can power your Smartphone for up to two hours of talk time. Charging is simple and can be done from any USB port. Should your battery run low, the four-segment LED notifies you when it needs to be recharged.


Dimensions: 9.84″ L x 6.88″ H x 4.95″ W

Weight: 1.11 lbs.

Lumens: 700 (high); 270 (low)

Run time: 3 hours (high); 8 hours (low)

Price: $69.99


Tech Rescue Toolbox

Extreme Grip 5-Piece Socket Set from Craftsman

Technical, industrial and agricultural rescues are some of the most challenging calls we go on. Disassembling heavy machinery while simultaneously treating a trapped patient requires a great deal of improvisation. What do you do when the bolt you need to remove is rounded-off and you can’t use heat or a cutting tool due to patient proximity? The new Extreme Grip 5-Piece Socket Set from Craftsman might be the option you need. These sockets feature serrated jaws and a gripping action that can grip rounded-off bolts up to 14 times better than a standard Craftsman socket.


Fits sizes: 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″; 11 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm

Drive size: 3/8″; Weight: 0.44 lbs.; Price: $39.99



USB Power Where You Need It

USB Dual Port from Kussmaul Electronics

It seems like every day there’s a new electronic product that requires a USB power source to charge it. If you remember the days when every rechargeable device needed its own proprietary charger, this USB standard is a great thing. But where do you plug in when you’re in your ambulance or other work vehicle? Do you bring your personal car charger? Do vehicles even come with cigarette lighters anymore? The new USB Dual Port from Kussmaul Electronics is designed for easy installation in any SVR-type vehicle switch panel. This product will provide you with two, 2.1-amp USB outlets that can charge two, tablet-sized devices at the same time. An LED indicator lets you know when the device is powered.


Cut-out size: 1.45″ x 0.83″

Weight: 0.25 lbs.

Input: 11-16 VDC; 1.5 amps max

Output: 5.0 VDC; 4.2 amps max

Price: Call for price



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