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500-lb Patient Calls Big Lake Texas EMS Over 30 Times for Lift Assistance

Big Lake, TX: The Situation: An obese 62 y/o male patient exhibited all the classic signs of needing professional care, but refused to leave the comforts of his home. As a result, he suffered from poor hygiene and lacked the ability to get up on his own after falling. There were days when he would call Big Lake EMS multiple times for lift assistance. “We have some pretty strong guys that work here, but that doesn’t do a whole lot for you when you’re lifting 500lbs of flesh and bones with no handles to grab,” according the Big Lake EMS Paramedic Mason Matthews. This is what led to the procurement of Binder Lifts for his department. Over the next three months, this particular patient had called for lift assistance over 30 times. Depending on crew availability, two to four medics would respond. Even though lift assists are the most injury prone activity within EMS, no one received an injury during this time. The Binder Lift’s handles allowed the medics to lift as a team while using the strength in their legs instead of their backs.

The Binder Lift Difference: Like most departments in the US, Big Lake EMS typically utilized the traditional lifting practice of placing a combination of sheets underneath the patient to lift them up. After situating the sheets under the patient, they would use their back as a fulcrum point to move the patient to a standing position. In this case, the patient could barely stand on his own, even with the help of his walker. According to Matthews, “When using sheets to stand him up we had to hope that he would be able to support himself with his own power. But with the Binder Lift, we can bring him to the standing position and hold him in that position without him feeling like he needs to support all of his own weight.” Improvised lifting techniques typically place the rescuer and the patient at high risk of injury. Now, four firefighters were able to lift the patient with relative ease due to the many handles the Binder Lift offers.

The first Binder Lift was first created in 2012 by Dan Binder to prevent his wife’s back from getting injured while performing her duties as an EMT-I. Today, we still have the same core focus of providing a safer way to lift for all fire and EMS personnel. Our products are manufactured right here in the USA by R&B manufacturing in Oakwood, Ohio. We are a family operated business that keeps our family values in the business environment. Give us a call, we’d love to chat.