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2016 Star of Life: Marcus Wagner, AMR

2016 AAA Star of Life Marcus Wagner

Marcus Wagner: Paramedic
AMR: Akron, Ohio

Marcus Wagner has been with AMR Ohio for six months and has conducted himself with the utmost professionalism to everyone he comes in contact with. He is a recipient of numerous patient compliments for his exceptional demeanor and care, and in December he had the ability to demonstrate these traits on an emergency call.

While responding to a call for which fire department personnel were unavailable, Marcus began treatment of a 53-year-old patient complaining of chest pain. After an assessment, 12-lead EKG and IV, the patient became unresponsive. Marcus’s partner began CPR while Marcus prepared to defibrillate. CPR was resumed after defibrillation. Moments later the patient regained a cardiac rhythm, regained consciousness and actually complained the chest compressions hurt. The patient was transported to a nearby hospital, rushed to the cardiac cath lab, underwent open heart surgery and was able to spend another holiday with his family.

Marcus is a four-year veteran of the U.S. Navy and has received two Navy achievement medals, a good conduct medal and a global war on terrorism medal. He is working on a bachelor of science degree in emergency management. Marcus is a welcomed addition to the Ohio team.