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2016 Star of Life: Tom Nahrwold, Three Rivers Ambulance Authority

2016 AAA Star of Life Tom Nahrwold

Tom Nahrwold: Paramedic
Three Rivers Ambulance Authority: Fort Wayne, Ind.

Tom Nahrwold began his EMS career in 1976, arriving at Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (TRAA) in Fort Wayne, Ind., in December 1987. He became a paramedic while working in an adjacent service, Huntington County EMS. Tom has encouraged, mentored and inspired more than 300 EMT and paramedic students and countless co-workers throughout his career; all while remaining humble and never looking for self-gratification.

]Tom always displays a positive attitude and executes excellence in customer service. Tom leads by example and is attentive to patient needs, as well as those of his co-workers, and always offers an encouraging word or lends a helping hand. Tom has displayed acts of caring, commitment and dedication throughout his career, and he lives to work versus working to live.

Tom continues to be an able servant of sorts in his profession. Most of all, Tom has achieved senior status. Through years of education and practical experience, he has developed the knowledge to perform his duties and become an expert in his field of work, and thus has gained the wisdom that so many others in EMS do not or will not achieve.

As an able and experienced medic, Tom certainly fits the bill. He is a master clinician and motivator in the EMS field. During his tenure with TRAA, Tom has worked in several capacities, including FTO, assistant supervisor and educator. Tom possesses a natural ability to remain calm in difficult situations. He communicates with a reassuring voice while simultaneously providing compassion both when issuing directives to first responders and when speaking to patients and their families. Tom was the indisputable choice for this honor as he represents what it is to be a Star of Life.