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2016 Stars of Life: Lesyan Borges & Liosdan Diaz, AMR

2016 AAA Star of Life Lesyan Borges

Lesyan Borges: Paramedic

2016 AAA Star of Life Liosdan Diaz

Liosdan Diaz: Paramedic

AMR: Miami, Fla.

Lesyan Borges and Liosdan Diaz are partners from AMR’s Miami operations and have similar backgrounds. Both immigrated to the United States at a young age with relatives from Cuba. Their strong family values, along with a close-knit childhood, have contributed to their success in EMS and in in their abilities to help others in times of need.

While on duty, these crew members discovered a horrific motor vehicle accident on the interstate. A stranded motorist, who had been trying to repair a stalled vehicle, was struck by a passing car and sustained life-threatening injuries. The crew immediately took charge and quickly responded. After radioing in a trauma alert, they rendered both BLS and ALS care, and provided life-saving treatment to the patient. Unknown to the crew at the time of the incident, the patient was an AMR co-worker who was on his way home from work.

Because of the partners’ quick thinking and their strong clinical abilities, they saved the life of a colleague.