Major Incidents, Mass Casualty Incidents, Terrorism & Active Shooter

Prepared for Anything: EMS Response to Tactical & Active Shooter Threats

Issue 40 and Volume 41.

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EMS tactical response EMS tactical response EMS tactical response EMS tactical response

The way we react, respond and render care at dynamic and active threat situations is dramatically changing, and so must we.

With the White House pushing initiatives like the Hartford Consensus that calls for closer EMS, Fire and law enforcement integration at active shooter and terrorist scenes, as well as the Stop the Bleed initiative to train civilians on hemorrhage control, EMS and fire agencies need to get up to speed with the scope and impact these initiatives will have on them.

In some areas we find aggressive, responsive training and action by EMS agencies and, in others, unfortunately, we find services still not adopting tourniquets and hemostatic dressings for use by their EMTs while civilians and law enforcement personnel are equipped and acting in hemorrhage control mode when they arrive.

In this special section, we highlight the latest in dynamic and active threat training and care.

Read it carefully and work to develop a response plan for your community.