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Where in the World of EMS is A.J.?

A.J. is in Omaha Nebraska lecturing at the Nebraska Emergency Medical Services Association conference.
He will be delivering seven lectures over the next three days, including a keynote address on leadership lessons from the show MASH. He is joined by several other popular speakers including Steve Murphy, Dennis Edgerly and Jess Fulkerson.
He is shown here with 12 students from Saudi Arabia that are on an exchange education program at Creighton University, one of the most advanced EMS education programs in the country.

His morning session today focused on the Fine Art of Bandaging and covered everything from the proper use of triangular bandages, commonly known as cravats, to wound clot dressings and tourniquets and advanced chest seals, pelvic splints, the iTClamp and other important bandages and compresses that should be in every EMS unit’s trauma “toolkit”.

What’s in your toolkit?

A.J. will also be lecturing on Items Most Often Neglected at MCI; Patient assessment & Patient Management Tips; Managing Complex & Angulated Knee Injuries; Handling Chest Trauma Properly; and Understanding the Critical Components in the Assessment and Care of Geriatric Patients.
A.J. says that he loves Luxury Inn in Nebraska because the attendees are predominantly BLS and eager to learn best practices, new techniques and tips they can use to assess and care for their patients.
A.J. told this morning’s classes that 90% of the care that he felt that he has rendered in his career has been based on good basic life support principles, with ALS care being the icing on the cake for 10-25% of all patients.