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FYI: Navarre Business CEO Takes On Additional Leadership Role

Navarre, FL, February 29, 2016: Navarre, FL – Richard A. Clinchy, CEO, of Navarre-based Emergency Medical Resources, LLC (EMR), has been retained as Vice President & Managing Director for Pax Mondial Medical Services. Pax Mondial is involved in private security, logistics, and infrastructure building and rebuilding in many parts of the world. Pax Mondial is currently active in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. In his new position, Clinchy will work with the Pax Mondial head office in Arlington, Virginia. Richard is managing the provision of medical equipment for deployed Pax Mondial personnel, recruiting individuals with appropriate medical professional capabilities, arranging for and conducting medical training programs both internally and externally, and is responsible for medical logistics for new and existing Pax Mondial clinics.

In his new position, Clinchy and EMR will provide medical services, equipment, and training to commercial and humanitarian organizations operating in austere environments. Emergency Medical Resources, LLC, fulfills the need for integrated medical solutions across the spectrum of remote area medical risk.

Locally, Clinchy, a licensed paramedic and respected prehospital care educator, is involved in the FL1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team, Emerald Coast Healthcare Coalition, Region 1 State Medical Response Team, and serves on the board of the National EMS Museum Foundation. Richard is a US Navy Veteran.

Emergency Medical Resources, LLC, has been based in Navarre, Florida since 1996.

About Pax Mondial: (http://www.paxmondial.com) Pax Mondial offers proactive strategies focused on results and based on lessons learned by our experienced staff. The company believes strongly that partnership and local ownership of the activities we support are crucial to long-term success of those efforts, and have therefore developed enduring relationships with local partners in all of the countries where we operate.

These relationships help give Pax Mondial a deep and nuanced understanding of the complex environments in which we work, and allow us to offer our clients innovative approaches to the challenges they face.

About Emergency Medical Resources, LLC: (http://www.tactical-medical.com) Incorporated in Florida in 2009, EMR’s predecessor company was established in 1983. The company has many years’ experience of prehospital and austere medical mission fulfillment, product and business development, and has a cadre of over 250 experienced medical providers with the majority having Active Duty military medical experience. Company personnel have worked in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Australia and EMR has supported client missions in the Middle East.