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Core CSC Launches New Hemostatic Gauze

Los Angeles, CA – Core Scientific Creations Ltd., a research and development firm specializing in advanced biomedical products, announced it has launched its WoundClot hemostatic gauze product line. WoundClot is a next generation hemostatic engineered to be effective in the management of mild, moderate, and severe bleeding. WoundClot is also effective in the temporary management of severe bleeding in surgical, postoperative, and donor sites.

When WoundClot’s unique regenerated cellulosic structure contacts blood, it coverts into a thick, tenacious, expanding gel, adhering to wound surfaces and creating pressure, effectively controlling bleeding. WoundClot absorbs 4000% its size and weight in blood. WoundClot does not require the application of mechanical manual pressure to be effective. WoundClot is non-reactive in humans and can be used anywhere on the body. WoundClot is very cost effective, FDA approved and comes in a variety of sizes. Its high safety profile and ability to be used anywhere on the body makes it an ideal choice for the unique needs of Emergency Medical Services.

About Core Scientific Creations Ltd.
Core CSC is a biomedical research and development company founded in 2013, with a focus on developing cutting edge hemostatic products. For more information, visit