EMS Today, Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Brenda Staffan, Dan Swayze, Brian LaCroix and Matt Zavadsky Make the Business Case for MIH-CP at EMS Today 2016

A panel of recognized leaders in mobile integrated healthcare/community paramedicine provided keen insight into how to properly approach and make a solid business case with healthcare partners, as well as how to price and budget for your EMS MIH-CP services in the new and ever-evolving health care economic environment. Brenda Staffan, Dan Swayze, Brian LaCroix and Matt Zavadsky used real life examples from their agencies Reno, Pittsburgh and Ft. Worth and other locations that have successfully approached and negotiated reimbursement or payment model structures with healthcare partners and implemented fiscal funding models that have made their MIH programs sustainable.

The EMS Today 2016 session opened with the team providing a scenario where a local hospital contacts the EMS agency about partnering on a readmission prevention program. They walked us through the budgeting process, utilization measures, and other concepts to come up with determining how much it would cost us to do the program. Then, they gave counsel on how to structure several different types of economic models for contracting, with pros and cons of each.

They wrapped up with a lively discussion on how to structure outcome reporting based on the national templates being developed, with a focus on what your local stakeholders want to know.