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West Discusses Infection Control Training Issues in EMS at EMS Today 2016

Katherine West put forth the lack of proper education and training for EMS personnel across the country in her session Infection Control Training Issues in Emergency Services, delivered Friday, Feb. 26 at EMS Today 2016. West stated that department trainers are not covering OSHA-required material. The result of which is fear that is inhibiting patient care in some cases. Another result West identified is the presence of “disconnect,” i.e., fear of getting a disease yet not taking action that would prevent an exposure.

Roadblock to Proper Training:

Katherine West infection control for EMS training at EMS Today 2016

West stressed that evidence-based practice is the key to overcoming roadblocks. Using science to support what is presented in training, using credible references, and citing references used in training are all key components. West also said that trainers should have an interest in the disease information and present that information in a way that promotes adult learning.

Two major keys to infection control that West said are often missing from training programs are the formula for risk of infection, and post-exposure medical follow-up. West introduced the Health Belief Model (HBM) as an important training tool:

Kathy West infection control for EMS training at EMS Today 2016

West concluded that EMS training must to meet the needs of the learner, and accessing student needs and meeting them is key to successful training.

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