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Ambulance Standards Updated

Ambulance vehicle standards updated for 2016

Currently scheduled to be sunset in October 2016, the GSA KKK-A-1822F standard has been revised with Change Order #8 in July of 2015.  It is anticipated that there will be a Change Order #9 in 2016, to include new NIOSH criteria for ambulance body structure, cabinet construction and equipment retention.

JEMS believes the tenure of the KKK document will likely be extended into 2017, pending industry acceptance of an alternative consensus standard from a non-governmental organization.

Below is a link to download a comparison chart of the major feature differences that currently exist between the following standards:

  1. The current KKK-A-1822F document including new criteria from Change Notice #8.
  2. NFPA 1917.  This is the 2016 revision of the document that was initially published in 2013. No state EMS agency has yet adopted the NFPA 1917 standard.
  3. The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services new Ground Vehicle Standard v.1.0.

This is the new ambulance standard presented by the ANSI accredited CAAS as “The gold standard for emergency medical vehicles, intended for use by all types of providers in the broad spectrum of EMS.”  The CAAS GVS standard will be published in February 2016 with a July 1 effective date.

We will keep you updated. Download the comparison chart here: