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EMS Reps go to the Capital to Discuss Medicare Reimbursements

Grant Helferich from Omni EMS Billing and Jason White from Marcer met with Senator Laura Kelly last Wednesday. Senator Kelly is a member of the Robert G. Bethell Joint Committee on Home and Community Based Services and KanCare oversight at the capital building in Topeka, Kansas. Helferich and White met with Senator Kelly to discuss EMS issues with current Medicaid reimbursements.

Hospital and physician groups have previously visited with the KanCare oversight committee to discuss similar issues they are facing with delayed or denied payments for their services. EMS has not been previously requested to attend these meetings, but will now be invited thanks to Helferich and White.

The meeting with Senator Kelly, included discussing the topic of Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s (KDHE) policy of reimbursing medical payments at 65-70% of Medicare allowable. EMS reimbursements by the managed care providers are far below this policy. Senator Kelly stated she will get a copy of this policy and share the information.

In concluding the meeting, Senator Kelly requested the participation of Kansas EMS providers in an upcoming survey distributed by the Kansas EMS Association (KEMSA). The KanCare oversight committee will be very interested in the results of this survey and asked that Helferich and White present the findings.