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SmartMan Announces Best CPR Skills Retention Rates

Clinical evidence recently presented at the ECCU in San Diego demonstrated that SmartMan has led to the Highest Retention of Skills Performance ever recorded in a long term study.

Where studies on all other systems show that skills quickly decline within 30 or 60 days, SmartMan users maintained exceptionally high performance even after 54 months.

The study entitled, “Longitudinal Study on Retention of CPR Performance Quality” shows a clear advantage for training on SmartMan. 

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General Parameters

·         Population about 1 million people

·         Roughly 1000 EMT’s and Paramedics in the study

·         Skills randomly checked every 9 months

Results: Average Scores on Randomly Tested Skills Performance remained above 80%.

This study shows that it is worth investing in high quality training for people who have a duty to act.

Using SmartMan Skills Training System to raise people’s ability to perform High Quality CPR and to keep those Skills at a high level is not only effective, it is a modest cost for Increased Survival Outcomes.

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