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High School Students among FDNY EMS Graduates

FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro (left) along with the 7 EMTs who graduated from FDNY High School in 2013 and (from left) Chief of Department James E. Leonard, Assistant Commissioner Michele Maglione and FDNY High School Principal James Anderson. (Fire Department City of New York photo)


Wednesday, January 6, FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided over the graduation of 29 Emergency Medical Technicians at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn. Over the last 12 months, these new EMTs have already served as FDNY Emergency Medical Dispatchers, answering thousands of emergency medical calls and dispatching FDNY resources throughout New York City.

“Each of you took on a difficult challenge one year ago – working as FDNY Emergency Medical Dispatchers,” said Commissioner Nigro. “And now, you graduate today as EMTs, ready to take on even more challenges, and ready to provide that same medical care yourselves.”

During the past 9 weeks at the FDNY EMS Academy, these Emergency Medical Dispatchers were trained as Emergency Medical Technicians in FDNY operations and procedures, and updated in all aspects of their job: CPR; patient medical and trauma assessments; oxygen and ventilation skills; management of hypotension and fractures; and spinal immobilization and emergency childbirth; and emergency vehicle operation.

“At Emergency Medical Dispatch you are the first point of contact for anybody calling for help, you have been there to answer the phone and already proven that you are dedicated members of the department,” said Chief of Department James E. Leonard. “Our Department needs you and you are absolutely critical to our response, bringing unmatched care and medical knowledge to every incident.”

Additionally, Chief Leonard recognized two of the graduates who are veterans of the United States Navy – Antwan Carter and Timothy Joyce.

The newly graduated EMTs take the Oath of Geneva.“The Navy puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork, and in the EMS Academy we learned to do the same. We’re very disciplined, and we work together to get the job done, to accomplish a bigger goal,” said EMT Joyce, who was a Sharpshooter in the Navy and whose father is retired Battalion Chief Timothy Joyce. “Growing up, I always heard stories about how great it is to work for the Fire Department. I saw my dad come home so happy, and he always said it was the greatest Department in the world. It made me want to follow in his footsteps.”

Seven of today’s graduates also attended the FDNY High School for Fire and Life Safety in Brooklyn, which they graduated from in 2013. The FDNY High School strives to introduce its students to future careers with the FDNY as Firefighters, Paramedics, or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Since its creation in 2004, 29 graduates have joined the Fire Department, with 27 serving as EMTs and two serving as Firefighters.

“At FDNY High School, we had instructors from the Academy come and teach us and I started seeing that FDNY would help me go through life and began considering it as a career,” said EMT Carter, who is an FDNY High School graduate and veteran of the United States Navy. “Now that I’ve made it, I’m glad to say that it feels great to be a part of the FDNY – we all stuck together and all made it through together.”

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