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Real-Time Communication Tools for MIH-CP Applications

JEMS: Describe the Medlert solution and what it does

Medlert: Medlert Inc. offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to power the future of medical transport and connect ambulance teams, dispatchers, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The Medlert platform is comprised of a suite of collaborative software tools for mobile and desktop computers, which are tailored for the multiple users of the medical transport industry. All of the tools are HIPAA-compliant and mobile- and cloud-based.

The Medlert platform includes:

  • Medlert Connect, which allows healthcare staff to schedule non-emergent medical transportation from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer;
  • Medlert Responder, a mobile app that equips ambulance crews with a digital manifest of scheduled transports, optimized routing based on real-time traffic data, driver and patient safety monitoring, and dynamic speed limit alerts;
  • Medlert Dispatch, which offers ambulance companies the ability to easily manage logistics and communication around wheelchair and stretcher-aided transport requests; and
  • Medlert Eligibility, a software tool that enables ambulance companies to collect essential billing information, including the patient’s primary and secondary insurance and demographic information.

Unlike any technology in the industry, the services on the Medlert platform work together seamlessly, creating transparency around ambulance efficiency, communication, and optimization of existing business processes, including transparent, real-time communication between dispatchers, ambulance teams and healthcare facility staff.

JEMS: How does this functionality assist with the delivery of EMS and the latest transformation for EMS into MIH-CP?

Medlert: As a HIPAA-compliant scheduling, dispatch and communication platform, the Medlert Inc. suite of tools has many possible applications, including MIH-CP. While the platform is currently most widely used to schedule non-emergent medical transport, its capacity to streamline scheduling, dispatch, billing and the transfer of paperwork could readily be applied in an MIH-CP program. Particularly with high-risk patients, scheduling a follow-up home visit at discharge could avoid future readmissions.

JEMS: What’s your vision on EMS’ transformation of this service delivery model and the enhanced role Medlert may play in the future to assist with the overall integration of EMS into the larger healthcare system?

Medlert: With EMS clearly moving toward new care delivery models and value-based care, including caring for the chronically ill and making home visits, EMS providers will require new business models and business tools to support this work. The vision of the Medlert team is to bring cutting-edge technological expertise to building the software platforms and tools to support this shift in EMS systems and healthcare delivery. Our focus is on cloud-based and mobile platforms, and building tools that fit seamlessly into a healthcare professional’s workflow to make billing, dispatch, and scheduling easier and more efficient to ultimately provide a better patient experience.

David Emanuel is the CEO and co-founder of Medlert Inc. He can be reached at [email protected].