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Patient-Centric Documentation & Analysis for MIH-CP Providers

JEMS: Give us a basic overview of ImageTrend and the solutions ImageTrend is bringing to the EMS profession.

ImageTrend: ImageTrend offers connected solutions for a patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery and documentation. EMS, MIH-CP, hospital and clinical data are aggregated via our Health Information Hub™ (HIH™) for seamless care and availability of information wherever the patient is seen.

“Data drives decisions” is an important concept at ImageTrend. That’s why ImageTrend wants to equip EMS with the tools for the complete picture—from identifying MIH-CP impact areas to daily care operations to reporting and analysis.

To effectively keep tabs on this data, we’ve created the Impact Score™ to indicate at-risk populations, as well as measures for performance factors to help evaluate people’s success and outcomes in the program. With these dashboards, EMS will be able to easily identify impact areas for patients, view spikes in activity at certain locations, and efficiently adjust to the changing needs of the community.

The MIH-CP solution includes configurable worksheets for home visits and surveys and the Timelines™ view, allowing the care provider to see information, such as vital signs, collected over multiple visits. (See Figures 1 and 2, below.) It’s a critical element for better understanding a patient’s current stats as compared to their baseline.

Configurable Power Tools™ help speed up documentation by adding flexibility within a single interface, such as including vital signs with procedures and assessments. Patients and providers alike will find the faster documentation leads to a more positive experience as more time is available for care and education.

Reporting and analysis tools are vital to assessing the community’s health as a whole and to benchmark improvements. Built-in reporting functions, dashboards and the available advanced data analysis tools can help administrators identify factors that have the most bearing on better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

JEMS: How do these functionalities assist with the delivery of EMS and the latest transformation of EMS into MIH-CP?

ImageTrend: The flexibility of these solutions and their patient-centric approach make it possible for EMS to embrace MIH-CP and transform healthcare in their communities. ImageTrend has found MIH-CP can be very different for each community, and a rigid product won’t give EMS the latitude to address their community’s needs. Our clients’ existing implementations prove we can address the documentation and analysis needs, even though no two may look exactly alike. Whether for urban areas where high utilizers can be served better through MIH-CP than the 9-1-1 system, or in an area where congestive heart failure is prevalent, a flexible solution can address one or many needs. One of the first steps is identifying candidates for your program using ImageTrend’s exclusive Impact Score algorithm.

Figure 1: ImageTrend home survey worksheet

An interview with ImageTrend Marketing Manager Janet Leean MIH-CP technology solutions

Figure 2: ImageTrend patient encounter timeline Figures courtesy ImageTrend

An interview with ImageTrend Marketing Manager Janet Leean MIH-CP technology solutions

ImageTrend Elite Community Health, the MIH-CP solution, includes configurable worksheets, as well as the Timelines view displaying vital signs and other key data points over multiple visits.

Additional considerations that may impact the success of an EMS organization’s transformation is whether the MIH-CP program can integrate with EMS and other data—including computer-aided dispatch (CAD)—and whether online/offline documentation will be needed for areas with poor connectivity. ImageTrend has addressed both these needs in its offerings to make the transformation as easy as possible.

JEMS: What’s your vision on EMS’ transformation of this service delivery model and the enhanced role ImageTrend may play in the future to assist with the integration of EMS into the larger healthcare system?

ImageTrend: Regardless of how the patient is presented and whether or not they’re transported, quality documentation and data will be a key driver of EMS’ integration into the larger healthcare system. Information will need to flow in a bidirectional manner among EMS, primary care providers, EDs, MIH-CP and other coordinated care. ImageTrend Elite™ and HIH were designed around that concept.

We believe MIH-CP is in the frontier stages of an EMS and healthcare delivery transformation. ImageTrend is fully engaged in providing quality information, documentation and reporting of data in this new arena. Data will drive patient care, outcomes, patient satisfaction and—most likely—reimbursements.

JEMS: Who’s using these technologies?

ImageTrend: ImageTrend clients with MIHCP programs include:

  • MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth, Texas, has a multifaceted plan to incorporate ImageTrend for high utilizers, readmission reduction and hospice.
  • East Baton Rouge (La.) EMS is using ImageTrend for high utilizers and has plans for congestive heart failure patients.
  • Lake Havasu (Ariz.) Fire Department is using ImageTrend for readmission reduction.
  • Memphis (Tenn.) Fire Department is using ImageTrend for high utilizers and has plans for readmission reduction.

JEMS: What question are we not asking that you would like to respond to?

ImageTrend: What should you look for in terms of products or solutions when initiating a transformative plan in the MIH-CP arena?

It’s just as important, if not more important, to select the right solutions provider—one who can partner with you from inception and community assessment to apply the right solutions and support instead of a simple one-size-fitsall approach. ImageTrend offers flexible solutions that are configurable for various needs of diverse populations and integrates across industries. While other companies may have a singular focus on electronic patient care reporting products on the data collection end, ImageTrend covers the gamut, including processing that data into reporting and analytics. In short, it’s about understanding not only what data you should be collecting, but what you can do with it and sharing that knowledge appropriately that matters.

Janet Leean is the marketing manager at ImageTrend. She can be reached at [email protected].