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Hands On Product Reviews November 2015

Issue 11 and Volume 40.

Clima-Tech Climate Controlled EMS Case from Thomas EMS

Temperature-Controlled Drug Storage

Many of the medications we carry on ambulances and fire apparatus require storage in a temperature-controlled area. This can be challenging in extremely hot and cold environments. The Clima-Tech Climate Controlled EMS Case from Thomas EMS is a 12-volt power-supplied Pelican case that maintains your drugs at a constant temperature. Sensors monitor the temperature in and outside the case and aid in maintaining optimal temperature regulation. The main storage compartment provides ample space, and the inside of the lid is a double layer of elastic-lined clear pockets for secure storage and easy access. The outside is rugged and features stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors for added security.


Interior dimension: 14″ × 13″ × 6″

Colors: Yellow or orange

Price: $1,895.00


SMARTSafe Property Bags from Kingfisher Medical

Storing, Logging & Tracking Patient Valuables

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve returned from the hospital only to find a patient’s glasses, wallet, teeth or other personal items left in the ambulance. SMARTSafe Property Bags from Kingfisher Medical are a low-cost solution to keeping patients’ valuables secure and with the patient at all times. These clear bags come in two sizes and feature a peel-off barcode system that can be used on the patient’s paperwork to track whom the bag belongs to, allowing their valuables to follow them from ambulance to the ED and throughout their hospital stay. The bags are constructed with a tamper-proof material and the security seal means the patient’s possessions remain safely together. SMARTSafe Bags are ideal for keeping the right valuables with the right patient in multiple-patient incidents.


Sizes: 9 ′ × 11 ′ (small);

25 ′ × 24″ (large)

Price: $23.75 (small size, box of 25);

$20.95 (large size, box of 10)


 IV Pro from WV IV Pro Inc. 

 IV Pro from WV IV Pro Inc.

Secure IV Set

Protecting an IV site is always a priority in the prehospital setting. Moving the patient, exposure to dirt and navigating bad weather are just a few obstacles that add to the problem. The IV Pro from WV IV Pro Inc. is an IV securement device designed to protect the IV site from dislodgement, keep the site clear of bacteria and allow for constant visualization of the site. IV Pro is comfortable for the patient; it features a strap and Velcro system that attach the plastic dome and an interface grommet that snaps into place on the IV line to keep it secure. IV Pro won’t stick to surgical gloves, is latex free and is made with durable plastic that can withstand six pounds. The ventilation hole keeps the site moisture free, which further protects the area from bacteria build-up.


Weight: Less than 1 oz.

Price: Call for price


Pediatric Resuscitation Guide from Huston-Haines

Easy-to-Use Pediatric Resuscitation Guide

Most of us don’t deal with pediatric patients that often. When we do, especially if it’s a critically ill or injured kid, the stress level goes up, making it hard to recall age- and weight-specific treatments and dosages. The Pediatric Resuscitation Guide from Huston-Haines was designed by paramedics to help take the stress out of the decision-making process and give you clear and concise length-based guidelines to follow when treating a pediatric patient. Everything you need is on one page—you don’t have to flip from front to back to get the information you’re looking for. The guide also features expected 50th percentile vital signs for each size child and also lists size recommendations for defibrillation pads, intraosseous needles and endotracheal tubes. Guides can be customized with your service’s logo and set to your service’s protocols.


Sizes: 8.5″ × 11″ (standard size);

7″ × 5″ (travel size)

Price: $29.95


DUOSCOPE from Airon

Dual Blade Laryngoscope

When you need to perform an endotracheal intubation in the field, it’s usually a matter of life and death. You only have seconds to decide what size and shape blade to use, find that size in your airway kit, assemble the equipment and place the tube. The DUOSCOPE from Airon is a compact, easy-to-use, two-blades-in-one disposable emergency laryngoscope. The DUOSCOPE requires no assembly—simply pick the size you want to use, open and turn on the light. The DUOSCOPE is available in three different models: a child model with a Macintosh 3 and Miller 1 (RB2000), an adult model with a Macintosh 4 and Miller 1 (RB3000), and a large adult model with Macintosh 4 and Macintosh 3 (RB4000). The DUOSCOPE is constructed of highquality lightweight plastic and the dual illumination lamps allow for over 24 hours of continuous illumination.


Aperture opening: 90 degrees

Batteries: Two 3-volt lithium coin cell (CR2032)

Price: Call for price


911 Rain Pants from Gerber Outerwear

Keep Your Legs Dry

Although most of the EMS jackets available on the market do a great job of keeping the upper part of your body dry in nasty weather, it can be difficult to keep your legs dry. The 911 Rain Pants from Gerber Outerwear are designed to not only keep you dry in bad weather, but they’re also NFPA-certified bloodborne pathogen impervious. 911 Rain Pants are lightweight, breathable and windproof. They feature large cargo pockets on each thigh, with striping available in silver Scotchlite or lime/silver triple trim. The zippers on each cuff make the pants fast and easy to put on or take off, and the elastic drawstring waist with adjustable barrel clips ensures the pants stay in place.


Color: Midnight navy

Price: $240.00