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Hands On Product Reviews October 2015

Issue 10 and Volume 40.

Portable Sterilization System

I’m glad I don’t have a microscope to truly see what might be living on the floors and surfaces of my ambulance. Despite our best efforts to maintain a sterile environment, there’s probably a large colony of strange microscopic creatures that call my ambulance home. TheAmbu-Stat from Emergency Products & Researchuses a handheld electrostatic fogger to dispense a proprietary solution of hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and acetic acid, along with an olfactory alert additive, to rid spaces of unwanted sporicidal, bacterial, fungicidal, mycobactericidal and virucidal activity. The biodegradable, environmentally safe solution produces no toxic vapors, is easily disposable and will have a significant impact to both the health and safety of your crews and your patients. The system is portable, allowing you to use it inside and outside of your rig—in bunk rooms, locker rooms, decon areas and bay space.


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Real-Time Closed-Loop Gas Meter Information

There are many different types of emergency runs for possible gas leaks or odors. You may find yourself in a situation where your team is using two, three or even eight portable gas monitors over a large area or in a large structure. The EchoView Host from RAE Systemsis a small controller that works in conjunction with RAE Systems ToxiRAE and MultiRAE wireless gas monitor lines. The EchoView Host establishes a self-contained wireless network with up to eight wireless monitors. The EchoView displays a real-time reading of each monitor by name on an easy-toread screen, so safety officers or incident commanders can see exactly what crews are seeing on their meters, allowing for better planning and quicker response to problem areas. The system also transmits and displays the alarm status of each wireless meter instantly. The EchoView Host is powered by a disposable lithium battery with a 10-day run life.



Dimensions: 10.5″ × 3.7″ × 2.1″

Weight: 1.3 lbs.

Price: Call for price



Quick, Accurate Blood Glucose Meter

Ruling out the cause for a patient with an altered mental status can be challenging. A check of your patient’s blood glucose level is one of the definitive diagnostic tests in the rule-out process. Blood glucose meters have drastically improved over the years and today they’re easy, fast and safe to use. The Assure Prism ulti fromARKRAY USA is no exception and is the newest addition to the Assure family of blood glucose meters, providing fast, accurate results in only five seconds on as little as 0.5 μL of blood and has a meter range of 20–600 mg/dL. The large, easy-to-read, backlit display, no-skid rubber pads, and strip ejection button provide a clinically driven design that’s ideal for the prehospital environment.


Dimensions: 3.66″ × 2.20″ × 0.83″

Weight: 2.1 oz.

Memory: 500 tests with time & date stamp

Power: Two 3-volt lithium batteries (CR2032)

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Quick-Access Flashlight Tether

You’re on a poorly lit scene and you need more light. Your flashlight is either in a pocket of your bunker coat or EMS jacket, and you not only have to work to get the flashlight out, but you also have to stop what you’re doing to put it back after you use it. The Gear Keeper Retractable Tether for Medium Flashlights (RT4-4465)from Hammerhead Industries simply attaches to your coat via an aluminum carabineer with a 22-inch retractable cable. The tether also features a quick-release system that allows the flashlight to be easily detached. It’s ideal for use with medium flashlights (3C–8AA) and is part of a large family of Gear Keeper retractable tethers for flashlights and other tools.


Price: $24.99



Emergency Breathing Air

If you’ve ever been involved in outreach to educate the public on fire safety, you know that smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death due to fires. The SAVER Emergency Breath System from Safety iQ is a personal life safety device designed to help someone safely get out of a smoke-filled environment. By filtering out toxic gasses, the SAVER provides the wearer up to five minutes of breathable air to aid their escape. It also has a powerful flashlight that cuts through smoke. SAVER is easy to use and takes only five seconds to activate. Simply remove SAVER from the wall mount (an alarm will sound), separate the flashlight and mask, remove the plastic cover, apply the nose clip, remove the orange cap, bite into the mouthpiece and breathe normally. SAVER would be a great addition to any fire safety community outreach program.


Price: $99.00



Complete Scheduling & Management System

Managing day-to-day operations of any organization can be a challenging task, especially if using multiple computers and programs—or paper—to track scheduling, maintenance, inventory, etc. ePro Scheduler Plus from eCore Software is a Web-based system that gives you all the necessary operations management tools: employee scheduling, time and attendance, payroll, incident tracking, fleet management, inventory management, continuing education tracking, communication features like employee mailboxes and calendar synchronization to mobile devices, unlimited creation of customized reports, and more. Consolidating this all into one secure system that’s quickly and easily accessible from desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, you’ll be able to not only stay on top of your operations but also find opportunities for improvement.


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