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Hands On Product Reviews August 2015

Issue 8 and Volume 40.

Highly Functional Radio Strap

If you’ve worn a radio strap in the past, you know how convenient they are. You also know they can be a problem when you have to put on a bunker coat or EMS jacket. You may even have to compromise safety in order to use the lapel mic. The Maddox Strap from S&S Medical Products is a redesigned radio strap that’s user friendly, comfortable and safe to use in hazardous environments. The Maddox Strap is designed with a quick-release buckle that allows the radio to sit on the user’s waist, taking the weight off the neck. Plus, the shoulder strap mic harness component can be undone in one simple step for placement on the outside of your EMS jacket or fire gear without removing the strap.

Material: Leather or nylon
Color: Black
Price: $124.99

Rescue/Extrication Glove

If you’re in the market for a rescue glove, you want one that’s not only going to protect but provide you with dexterity and grip. The ActivArmr Gloves from Ansell have a unique design that takes the rescue glove to a new level. The first thing you notice is the Hi-Viz yellow color; it allows other rescuers to see exactly where your hands are, helping to avoid accidental injury in low light and confined spaces. The glove provides whole-hand cut protection featuring an Intercept cut-resistant liner with Kevlar fibers as well as Kevlar and polyurethane palm grip material, providing ANSI/ISEA level-4 and EN 388 level-5 cut protection. The Gecko-like grip allows for superior grip in all conditions allowing a more secure grasp on rescue tools. Bumpers throughout the back of the hand protect from both abrasion and impact.

Model No.: 46-551
Sizes: XS 7.5; S 8; M 8.5; L 9;
XL 9.5; XXL 10
Price: $54.99

Lift Cylinders with Ease

I’m sure that over the last few decades, many a back has been injured while lifting a large oxygen cylinder up, into or out of an ambulance. Even though the cylinders aren’t that big in diameter, there’s no real safe way to lift one, and fitting it into a tight compartment space is a back-breaking, hand/foot-smashing experience. The QUIC-RELEASE Cylinder Lift from ZICO Ziamatic Corp. dramatically lessens the risk of back injury and allows for quick and safe transport, lifting, and lowering of cylinders from sizes M through J. After securing the cylinder to the lift with the easy-to-use strap, the toggle switch activates the lift motor and the cylinder is securely raised. It can then be rolled to the ambulance and lifted to the appropriate height to place in the compartment. The heavy-duty wheels roll smoothly over your bay floor. This lift operates off of a 12 V battery and a charging unit is included.

Weight: 130 lbs.
Price: $2,525.00

New ECG Analysis Badge

I wish I had a dime for every ECG measurement I took back in paramedic school. My calipers were always with me … as well as the numerous holes in my fingers from its sharp tips. It’s time to set those outdated measuring tools aside and stop guessing in our ECG analysis. The new R-CAT EKG Badge is another great analysis tool from EKG Concepts. The R-CAT EKG Badge can fit in your pocket or be worn on a lanyard or ID badge clip. It features a window that allows for baseline analysis, showing elevation or depression in ST segments without hiding the ECG tracing. A color-coded section at the top of the badge helps to locate cardiac muscle involvement. Set measurements allow you to quickly calculate rate and red boxes across the bottom give you accurate PRI, QT and QRS measurements.

Size: 3 5/8′ × 2 3/8′
Price: $8.00



Convertible Attendant Seats

It’s often a challenge to safely transport a child to the hospital. Perhaps you’re transporting an ill or injured parent who has a child with them and you have to get both of them to the hospital and have the child properly restrained. The contoured Attendant and Child Safety Seats from The Wise Company can be used as a traditional attendant seat or convert to a 5-point child safety seat when needed. The seats come in either a seamless or sewn material options. The attendant seat is equipped with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 point belt systems. All seat options are available in 6-degree or 12-degree backs. The child seat has a built in 5-point restraint to secure an uninjured child weighing 20–50 lbs, and all the seats meet or exceed the industry’s KKK standards.

Price: Call for price

Innovative Decompression Needle

We’re trained to treat all life threats immediately and one of those threats is a tension pneumothorax. Studies have shown that many of the needles we thought we could use to decompress a tension pneumothorax aren’t long enough. There are also problems with needle occlusion and possible trauma to the lung. The ThoraQuik from BTME Group Ltd. is an easy-to-use, safe and effective chest decompression device with a unique design. The 10-cm large-gauge cannula is long enough to reach the pleural space in the largest patient and the three lateral eyelets help minimize the risk of occlusion. The ThoraQuik features an atraumatic needle that retracts automatically when you enter the pleural space, reducing the chance of additional damage to the lung. The ergonomic hub has an adhesive underside that adheres to the patient’s skin to hold the ThoraQuik in place and the one-way valve allows air to escape without allowing any air to enter the pleural space.

Price: Call for price
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