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Early, Quality CPR Can Increase Chances of Survivability by Two to Three Times!

CPR RsQ Assist® has proven to be an invaluable tool in providing quality CPR even for trained, experienced professionals. “The audio/visual metronome kept me right at 100 compressions per minute.” Various studies have shown that “adrenalin induced” CPR without proper cadence results in over 150 compressions the first minute, and as low as 50 compressions per minute thereafter due to fatigue. Consistency and quality can be made easier for all levels of first respondents with CPR RsQ Assist®.


VOLUNTEERS! It’s not where you respond from, it’s what you respond with.

The CPR RsQ Assist® Device is actually smaller than your helmet and faceshield! With this device in your personal vehicle, you can respond directly to the scene and provide quality CPR while you await the arrival of additional equipment. The goal of providing a neurologically viable patient at the emergency room is paramount! The science of “Hands- Only” CPR is a huge step in accomplishing this goal. However “When your hands need a hand, CPR RsQ Assist® can help” ®. Here’s how:

·   Enhances efficiency – increases the quality of CPR by 95%.

·   Reduces fatique – decreases fatigue caused by repetative compressions by 90%.

·   Its ergonomic grip relieves stress on the hands with a comfortable, ergonomic handle.

·   Audio/Visual Guide – The audio/visual metronome guides users through the life saving process of “Hands-only” CPR.

·   “CPR RsQ Assist® tells you where to place your hands and it takes away the question of how to do CPR.”…Lt Dan Tyk, North Shore Fire and Rescue. CBS News Aug, 5, 2014


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About CPR RsQ Assist®

CPR RsQ Assist® is designed for use on people 8 years and older. It is an essential safety tool. The device is available with a custom-designed wall cabinet and signage for easy placement adjacent to an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), so rescuers have easy access to both lifesaving devices.

CPR RsQ Assist® is available for purchase online for $79.50; the CPR RsQ Assist® device with a wall cabinet is $122. For more information, please visit or call 877-277-7998.