Wisconsin Council Votes on Ambulance Service Change

Southwest Health Center could take over ambulance service in Platteville and the surrounding area.

The service is currently provided by the city-administered Platteville EMS, which covers the city and all or portions of seven townships.

Platteville Common Council members tonight will vote on whether to approve a 20-year agreement shifting those services to the Platteville hospital.

“It is the recommendation of staff to review the agreement and take action on this agreement. Factors to consider are the need for a new facility, staffing needs of current EMS (adding permanent full-time and part-time staff), increasing call volume (currently seeing a 12 percent increase) and the future need to review and possibly provide an increased level of ambulance and service to those currently served by Platteville EMS,” said a memo in the Common Council packet.

If approved by the council and the town boards, both the city and towns would be responsible to make an annual support fee to Southwest Health to help fund EMS operations.

The city and townships would not pay the hospital this year, but they collectively would pay $100,000 in 2016 and 75 percent of unreimbursed costs, up to $150,000, in 2017.