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Hands On May 2015

Issue 5 and Volume 40.

Tactical-Use Footwear

The 8″ Rapid Response SZ WP Boot from Reebok is a perfect for EMS, fire and rescue personnel. The composite toe, side zip boots are electrical hazard safe, and feature a smooth leather and Cordura upper lining that ensures comfort, abrasion resistance and climate control. The Tailex lining captures foot moisture, pulling it away from the foot and readying it for evaporation as soon as the boot is taken off. The removable dual density polyurethane cushion also provides a ridged pillow that protects the sole of foot. A shock eliminator heel plug and dual density outsole provides two firm, shock-absorbing layers of compact rubber, and the midsole is reinforced further for protection on rugged terrain. Its composite toe is rated ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75, meaning that toes will be safe from an impact up to 75 lbs. and compressive loads up to 2,500 lbs.


Sizes: 3–15 (full and half sizes)

Widths: Medium or wide

Price: $149.00



Disinfect Without Chemicals

Disinfecting your ambulance can be a challenge: Gloves, masks, eye protection, and not to mention those nasty chemicals and fumes. Designed for use in small places, like an ambulance, the Lumalier EDU from Lumalier is a portable UV surface and air disinfector. It uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) light, otherwise known as germicidal UV light, to safely and effectively disinfect your ambulance or small rooms. Germicidal UV light has a specific wavelength that breaks the germ DNA in airborne droplets that transmit dieseases, including influenza, measles, tuberculosis and many more. The DNA of a microbe looses its ability to reproduce when it’s broken, making the bacteria or virus harmless. The EDU features a delayed start timer and adjustable disinfection timer, rugged stainless steel construction and can be mounted as a floor or ceiling unit.


UV-C watts: 44 watts

Lamp hours: 9,000 hours

Dimensions: 10″ × 10″ × 15″

Weight: 12 lbs.

Price: Call for price






Connected Off the Grid

Often overlooked, the ability to communicate can be a matter of life and death in EMS, rescue, fire and tactical work. Although many of us rely on cell phones as a backup option, if you’re in a situation where the network is down, there are too many people, or you’re in a remote area with no service, goTenna offers you a way to communicate. The goTenna pairs with your mobile device through the goTenna mobile app and allows you to message with anyone else with a goTenna device. Texts can be sent between users anywhere in the world for free with no roaming fees. In emergency situations, you can send messages to all goTennas within range, allowing your crew to locate each other or communicate scene and patient information when conventional means of communication fail.


Preorder price: $149.99 (per pair)



Extending Battery Life

Emergency vehicles have several parasitic loads on their system. Between flashlights, computers, phones, monitors and many more, the vehicle’s standard 3-step charger becomes confused and overcharges the battery. The Auto Charge 1000 PLC fromKussmaul Electronics is a completely automatic microprocessor controlled, single battery charger. The new parasitic load compensantion feature allows you to input the total number of parasitic load amps on your vehicle. Then, by a shift in the absorption stage set point, the battery voltage will drop to the float voltage once the desired current is reached. Your battery life will become longer because parasitic leads will now be invisible to the charger, eliminating overheating and overcharging. There’s a battery type selection switch with three options: Lead-acid, gel cell, AGM or Odyssey. The precision voltage controller senses battery voltage remotely and eliminates the need for sense wires.


Weight: 11 lbs.

Price: $580.00




Moldable Comfort Splint

In the prehospital setting, there are many options when it comes to splinting an injured extremity. One of the goals of good immobilization is to give our patients some relief from the pain they’re experiencing. The problem is that some of the splints we use in the field do a good job of immobilization, but are often uncomfortable for the patient. The SAM Soft Shell Splint from SAM Medical is similar to the original SAM Splint, in that it can be molded to the shape you need. The soft shell splint features “O” tempered aluminium encased in soft foam, with added thickness on one end for adjustable firmness and a skin-contact surface with absorbant brushed terrychoth fabric. It can be quickly and easily molded to fit a patient’s hand, wrist or forearm. The splint is also transparent to X-rays and comes in six sizes.


Price: Call for price




Treatment Before Transport

If you’re working a mass casuality incident, a vehicle or helicopter is waiting as soon as each patient is ready for transport—ideally. Since our world isn’t perfect, there will be times when you have to provide emergency care while waiting for transportation to arrive on scene. The Portable Surgery Table (PST) from FareTec Inc. is a multipurpose patient transport device that also serves as an operation or procedure platform. The PST comes in a heavy-duty transport container that can be quickly deployed. It includes an IV armboard with removable pad, IV pole, accessory pole, LED exam light, Mayo tray, D cylinder oxygen tank rack and utility storage catcher. It adjusts to fit multiple sizes and shapes of backboards and litters, and features heavy-duty wheels with solid inserts to prevent flat tires.


Dimensions: 41.8″ × 37.6″ × 24.0″

Weight: 160 lbs.

Price: Call for price